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LPLLunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona)
LPLLipoprotein Lipase
LPLLG Philips LCD Co, Ltd
LPLLinsco/Private Ledger Corp. (est. 1989)
LPLLotus Programming Language
LPLLiverpool, England, United Kingdom - Liverpool (Airport Code)
LPLLinearly Polarized Light
LPLLaborers Political League
LPLLightning Protection Level
LPLLunar Personnel Lander
LPLLarge Pulse Laser
LPLLanguage Perception Laboratory (Ohio State University)
LPLLondon Proof Litre
LPLLane Public Library (Hamilton, OH)
LPLLine-Pixel Lookahead
LPLLast Pulse Logic
LPLLimited Professional Liability
LPLLaunch Point Location
LPLLower Profit Limit
LPLLouisville Public Library (various locations)
LPLLivermore Public Library (various locations)
LPLLafayette Public Library (est. 1993; Lafayette, LA)
LPLLexington Public Library (various locations)
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We recognize that technology is a major contributor to creating increased efficiency and driving greater productivity in our clients' businesses," said Victor Fetter, LPL Financial managing director and chief information officer.
Data Archiving: AdvisorVault offers LPL firms a full remote data backup and archiving solution for data on servers, laptops, mobile devices and in the cloud.
LPL exposed customers to unacceptable risks by not having an adequate system in place that could accurately review whether a transaction complies with suitability requirements imposed by the states, the product issuers and the firm itself and it failed to train its registered representatives to apply all the suitability guidelines appropriately.
1) The bone marrow infiltrate of LPL is composed of small lymphocytes admixed with variable numbers of plasmacytoid lymphocytes and plasma cells (Figure 2, B and C).
He has earlier served as president of Institution Services, the LPL Financial business unit that provides third-party investment and insurance services to over 750 banks and credit unions nationwide.
When Clark took the helm in 2006 and partnered with LPL in 2007, the program took off, according to the credit union.
Then, plasma insulin and LPL activity were measured 60 min after the first blood collection of the overfeeding period.
As a result, LPL experienced "multiple" hacking incidents beginning in July 2007 and continuing into early 2008.
We analyzed ZAP70 and LPL expression by measuring mRNA with qPCR on an ABI Prism 7700 Sequence Detector (Applied Biosystems) or a Bio-Rad IQ5 Real Time Detection System (Bio-Rad).
But when Yost gave fat to the formerly-obese women, their LPL soared far above already-high starting levels.
According to the claim, the Claimant's LPL advisor recommended that she invest her Trust's assets into four illiquid, non-traded investments, which included Inland Western and three LaeRoc Funds.