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LPLLunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona)
LPLLipoprotein Lipase
LPLLG Philips LCD Co, Ltd
LPLLinsco/Private Ledger Corp. (est. 1989)
LPLLotus Programming Language
LPLLiverpool, England, United Kingdom - Liverpool (Airport Code)
LPLLinearly Polarized Light
LPLLaborers Political League
LPLLightning Protection Level
LPLLunar Personnel Lander
LPLLarge Pulse Laser
LPLLanguage Perception Laboratory (Ohio State University)
LPLLondon Proof Litre
LPLLane Public Library (Hamilton, OH)
LPLLine-Pixel Lookahead
LPLLast Pulse Logic
LPLLimited Professional Liability
LPLLaunch Point Location
LPLLower Profit Limit
LPLLouisville Public Library (various locations)
LPLLivermore Public Library (various locations)
LPLLafayette Public Library (est. 1993; Lafayette, LA)
LPLLexington Public Library (various locations)
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To determine whether decreased LPL activity in both EPI and MES fat pads after 1 day fasting in rats was associated with changes in levels of LPL mRNA, Northern analyses of RNA were performed (Figures 2 and 3).
We could not have made this project net-zero without the commitment and participation from LPL Financial," said Hines President and CEO Jeff Hines.
He has more than 40 years of experience providing financial planning and asset management advice to individuals and has been recognized as within the top 2% of LPL advisors nationwide from 2006 to 2016.
Zacks product offerings through the LPL vendor affinity program include: Zacks Research System for Advisors (ZRSA), Zacks Premium and Zacks Investor Collection.
We hold [the firm] in high regard," said Dan Arnold, managing director and divisional president, institutional sales at LPL.
Andy Kalbaugh, LPL managing director and divisional president, National Sales and Consulting, said, "On behalf of LPL, I congratulate Craig.
They both join the group from LPL, where they had been senior recruiters.
It was clear LPL had the scale and resources we were searching for.
LPL is synthesized by many tissues, including adipose tissue, islets, macrophages, and cardiac and skeletal muscle, and provides energy in the form of fatty acids and monoacylglycerol to the capillary lumen of many tissues for utilisation by GPIHBP1, a GPI-anchored protein of endothelial cells (Young et al.
Thus, to establish a genetic improvement program for LPL and lifetime production traits in Thailand, genetic parameters for these traits under open-house tropical production conditions are needed.
1) Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia is defined as LPL that involves the bone marrow and has an associated monoclonal gammopathy that is usually of immunoglobulin (Ig) M type.