LPLCLow Pressure Liquid Chromatography (purification system)
LPLCLift Plus Lift Cruise
LPLCLibertarian Party of Livingston County (Michigan)
LPLCLibertarian Party of Lake County (political party; Illinois)
LPLCLoyola Pastoral Life Center (Loyola University; New Orleans, LA)
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Although the LPLC supplement provided greater (p<0.
Moreover, nutritional plans HPHC and LPLC had the greatest (p<0.
Separations Instrumentation Market Leaders HPLC Waters, Agilent GC Agilent, Shimadzu LPLC GE Healthcare, Bio-Rad IC Dionex, Metrohm CE Agilent, Beckman Coulter Flash Biotage, Teledyne ISCO TLC Camag, Varian Chemical Sensors Alpha MOS, Smiths Detection CFA EST Analytical, Lachat (Danaher) Separations Instrumentation 2007-08 Market Share Growth Rate HPLC 59.
LPLC, an inexpensive technique offering minimal performance, is favored by small labs and academia.
Although HPLC sales dwarf those of LPLC machines, low pressure chromatography holds an advantage in many biomolecular research areas, such as studies of proteins and monoclonal antibodies, where harsh handling of a sample could damage it.
The LPLC market can be divided into two segments: analytical and preparative systems.
The company holds significant positions in the prep and process LPLC markets through its ATKA, Bioprocess and STREAMLINE product lines.
Analytical HPLC companies Agilent, Shimadzu and Hitachi only sell prep HPLC systems, while Waters sells both HPLC and LPLC prep systems.
The pumps used for LPLC are capable of up to 100 psi.
Due to the competition from HPLC and LPLC, TLC has become, for the most part, a niche application.
Prep HPLC currently accounts for over 60% of the total prep LC market, which also consists of LPLC.