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LPMLines Per Minute
LPMLiters Per Minute
LPMLiteracy Partners of Manitoba (Canada)
LPMLaw Practice Management
LPMLibertarian Party of Michigan
LPMLongest Prefix Match (IP packet forwarding mechanism)
LPMLinux Productivity Magazine
LPMLandless People's Movement (South Africa)
LPMLocal People Meter (media polling)
LPMLibrary of Parameterized Modules
LPMLinear Probability Model
LPMLow Power Mode
LPMLaser Precision Microfabrication
LPMLatidos Por Minuto (Spanish)
LPMLaser Power Meter
LPMLateral Plate Mesoderm (genetics)
LPMLaboratoire de Physique de la Matière (French)
LPMLoss Prevention Manager
LPMLeadership Program for Musicians
LPMLegal Project Management
LPMLocal Position Measurement
LPMLow Pressure Molding
LPMLean Project Management
LPMLaboratoire de Production Microtechnique (French: Laboratory of Microengineering for Manufacturing)
LPMLembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia
LPMLines Per Millimeter (photography)
LPMLandslip Preventive Measures
LPMLocal Policy Module
LPMLogit and Probit Models
LPMLaboratoire de Physique Moléculaire (French)
LPMLoop Performance Manager
LPMLandau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect
LPMLaboratorio de Prognosticos em Mesoescala (Portugese)
LPMLogical Product Model (AISC)
LPMLaser Profile Measuring
LPMLandless People Movement (Africa)
LPMLand and Property Management
LPMLunar Portable Magnetometer
LPMLANDesk Process Manager (Deployment Partners Inc)
LPMLocalization Probability Model
LPMLoisirs Provence Méditerranée (French)
LPMLow Power Magnetometer
LPMLaboratory for Process Measurement
LPMLeadership in Project Management
LPMLow Pressure Methanol
LPMLinode Platform Manager
LPMLogical Process Manager
LPMLivestock and Poultry Management (university course)
LPMLaser Precipitation Monitor
LPMLogos Prophetic Ministries
LPMLandscape Pest Management
LPMLandworks Property Management
LPMLibrary Planning Model
LPMLibrary Parameterized Modules
LPMLibrary Partitioning Module
LPMLine Processing Module
LPMLog Property Mapping
LPMLinear Parameter Measurement
LPMLow Pressure Machines
LPMLocalisation Project Manager
LPMLoose Parts Monitor
LPMVan der Looy Projektmanagement BV (The Netherlands)
LPMLitigation Products Manager
LPMLife Performance of Materials (UK program)
LPMLinn Productions Media
LPMLaser Process Manufacturing (Peabody, Massachusetts)
LPMleading proton model
LPMLindbjerg Plast and Metal (Denmark)
LPMLight Path Management (optical switching)
LPMLaboratoires Pharmacien Mehalla
LPMLottery Pool Manager
LPMLifeline Port Module
LPMLinux Performance Measurement (Toolkit)
LPMList Process Management
LPMLink Power Monitor
LPMLoss Projection Model
LPMLiberal Party of Manitoba
LPMLinear Pressure Module
LPMLong Pole Middie (lacrosse position)
LPMLouisville Public Media (Louisville, KY)
LPMLembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (Indonesian: Institute for Community Empowerment)
LPMLiquids, Powders and Machines (Spokane, WA)
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The LPM family of connectors is available today off the shelf through Neoconix and its Sales Representatives.
Point estimates of the effectiveness of LPM closure varied from 61% to 89% in the 4 areas in Guangdong Province, and from 70% to 89% in the 5 areas in Zhejiang Province with generally wide CIs, and the effectiveness was estimated to be 97% (95% CI 89%-100%) in the overall model, assuming the same incidence rate ratio associated with LPM closure in each area (Figure 2).
We have eliminated thousands of potential hazards in our facilities across the world," says Scott Summers, director of environment health and safety for LPM.
While property developers conduct a basic snagging prior to handover, the experience and training of the LPM Consultants ensure that building, mechanical and electrical faults are properly identified and rectified.
Implemented as a stand alone application or fully integrated with Request(tm), the industry's first web-enabled solution for strategic portfolio management, LPM manages a checklist of items in a web-based portal, allowing deal terms to be attached and centrally archived.
The LPM had also noticed other vulnerabilities ready to be exploited due to a lack of record keeping.
Hasta opositores del servicio admiten que, tdcnicamente, LPMs deberlan ser mils exactos que la forma tradicional de los diarios manuscritos pot Nielsen y que se relaciona directamente con el segundo tema de discusion que involucra LPM: Que las "familias Nielsen" utilizando el sistema estan teniendo dificultad a adaptarse a la nueva tecnologia.
Murdoch's FOX network, whose ratings fell under the new system, holds that LPMs record a person as having watched a show even if that person flips channels and tunes in for only a few minutes.
Chemical and biological threats are countered with Hunter Protective Systems, which contain a full range of gas and particulate filtration from 2830 litres per minute (lpm) for small truck mounted shelters, through 28 316 lpm for large tents up to 141 580 lpm systems for shelter com plexes.
This integration will create a direct connection between pipeline right-of-way records in LPM and the pipeline engineering and operations data in Facility Manager," said Jerry Bramwell, President of LandWorks.
Tenders are invited for Invitation Of Tender For The Purchase Of Purchase Of Veterinary Medicines At Lpm Section , Ivri , Izatnagar
LPM CLEANING AND SUPPORT SERVICES 0208 2698480, the nationwide contract cleaning and janitorial supplies business, has substantially strengthened its national presence with the appointment of two new Regional Directors.