LPOPListening Post Observation Post
LPOPLittle Piece of Paradise
LPOPLocal Point of Presence (nternet/digital communications)
LPOPLarge Parameter Optimization Problem (computing)
LPOPLipid Peroxidation Potential
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Table 2 presents the equivalent set of results using LGDP in place of LPOP.
16) Subsequently we replace LPOP with LGDP, the log of real GDP at purchasing power parity.
Consistent with this hypothesis, when we run the same reduced form regression for GDP per capita we find that the coefficients on f(DISTMIN), AFF and SELF are each negative and significant at 10%, while that on LPOP is positive and significant at 1%; when Australian and New Zealand fixed effects are added to the GDP equation neither is significantly different from zero (p=0.