LPPMLondon Platinum and Palladium Market (UK)
LPPMLow-Pressure Permanent Mold (aluminum alloy casting process)
LPPMLogan Preferred Property Management (Logan, UT)
LPPMLembaga Partisipasi Pembangunan Masyarakat (Indonesian: Participation in Community Development Institute)
LPPMLocal Productivity and Performance Measurement (Philippines)
LPPMLembaga Pengembangan Pertanian Mandiri (Indonesian: Independent Institute of Agricultural Development)
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With the exception of Hurley, no one at Bodine had any experience with the LPPM process.
Trials are currently comparing LPPM's viability against GPM, and the foundry will launch a mass production LPPM program in '96.
The system's computer controls allow for push button operation, and the LPPM process produces a part with only a 2-3-in.
According to publicly available information, the LPPM has the same diameter as the Type-18 periscope, with an external look resembling the basic shape of the same periscope.
LPPM, an international self-management industry organization controlling Platinum and Palladium fair trade and appropriate products, had released this at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in London on 25th March 2015.
According to an analysis of four-point bending testing, T-Mag castings exhibited better mechanical properties than squeeze cast and LPPM parts.
Demand for Aluminum Castings by Process (thousand tons) CASTING PROCESS Lost INDUSTRY Diecast SPM * LPPM ** Sand Foam Total Internal Combustion 70 23 -- 5 -- 98 Engine Lawn & Garden 16 -- -- 4 -- 20 Power Hand Tools 25 7 -- 3 -- 35 Office Machinery/ 34 9 -- 1 -- 44 Computer Refigeration/AC 31 1 -- 1 6 39 Meters/Regulators 25 -- -- -- -- 25 Motors/Generators 24 1 -- 4 -- 29 Home Appliances 36 9 -- 11 -- 56 Lighting Equip.
In the following examples, the LPPM esters were mixed in several types of elastomers, including EPDM, natural rubber and polychloroprene.
Using its experience producing safety-critical aluminum automotive components with the LPPM process, General Aluminum Manufacturing Co.
Tanaka has long been Japan's largest precious metals trader and holds certifications from the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and the LPPM (London Platinum & Palladium Market) for the assaying and refereeing of gold and silver, and platinum and palladium, respectively.
The 14 housings were poured in one hour on an LPPM machine recently acquired by CIFM under a grant of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.