LPPVLow Frequency Positive Pressure Ventilation
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According to Drew Walker, vice president of sales and marketing at AGY, "The MoD's LPPV vehicle program requires a significant level of armoring to protect against ballistic, mine, and roadside bomb threats, and this is achieved in part through the use of our S-2 Glass reinforcing fibers.
EXCITING TIMES: John Nollett, managing director of Pailton Engineering and the Foxhound LPPV (below)
Previous blast tests have already proven the SPV400 protection levels exceed the stringent requirements of the LPPV Programme however, whilst protection levels cannot be revealed for security reasons, these latest tests have successfully achieved yet more.
Since late November 2010, after securing the contract award for the LPPV program, the Company has begun to stand up the necessary infrastructure and requirements to perform under the contract.
On 22 September 2010 the British Ministry of Defence announced that the preferred bidder status for the LPPV programme was awarded to Force Protection Europe's Ocelot, and that an initial 200 vehicles would be acquired following the completion of contract negotiations.
These forward looking statements include, among other things: the growth, demand and interest for Force Protection's services and products, including the Ocelot and JAMMA vehicles; current backlog, anticipated awards and expected deliveries of Ocelot vehicles; the effect of the LPPV award for future growth; expectations for future programs; the effect of operations in Afghanistan; the ability to meet current and future requirements; and the Company's execution of its business strategy and strategic transformation, including its development initiatives and opportunities to broaden its platform.
Vehicle deliveries under the LPPV program are expected to begin in the 2011 fourth quarter, with remaining deliveries scheduled for the first half of 2012.
Creation and Babcock Land Systems formed Team Zephyr, from the name of their LPPV proposal, which features a 2.
for the LPPV program, we expect to end the year having secured well over $700 million in new contracts during 2010, with approximately 20% of the revenue from these awards to be recognized in 2011.
Substantially all of the 2011 deliveries under the LPPV program are expected to occur in the fourth quarter, with further deliveries continuing through the first half of 2012.
The first is the LPPV (Light Protected Patrol Vehicle), for which a pre-questionnaire was to be answered by late July.
Consistent with LPPV and Land 121 MSA, the more than $1 billion TAPV program requires that primary manufacturing and supportability be completed in the host country.