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LPRLicense Plate Recognition
LPRLine Printer
LPRLe Poisson Rouge (French: The Red Fish)
LPRLawful Permanent Resident
LPRLaryngopharyngeal Reflux
LPRLegal Permanent Resident
LPRLiga Polskich Rodzin (Polish political party)
LPRLiving Planet Report
LPRLine Printer Requester
LPRLine Printer Remote
LPRLeague of Polish Families (Poland)
LPRLinear Polarization Resistance
LPRLanguage Proficiency Requirement (various locations)
LPRLoss of Power
LPRLotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (Polish Medical Air Rescue)
LPRLight Pollution Reduction (filter type for telescope eyepiece)
LPRLate-Phase Reaction (immunology)
LPRLicitacion por Registro (Spanish: Registration Tender; various locations)
LPRLow Pressure Regulator (paintball)
LPRLocal Positioning Radar
LPRLa Polla Records (Spanish band)
LPRLimited Production Run
LPRAmphibious Transport (Small)
LPRLine Printer Request
LPRLow Priority Request
LPRLiquid-Phase Polymer-Based Retention
LPRLocal Primary Reference (Telcom Solutions)
LPRLaser Plasma Reflectometer
LPRLinear Programming Relaxation
LPRSaami, Northern (Norwegian language SIL code)
LPRLost Policy Release (Insurance)
LPRLes Précieuses Ridicules (Nijmegen)
LPRLow-Pressure Receiver
LPRLocal Percentile Rank
LPRLaurent-Perrier Rose (champagne)
LPRLow Pressure Rotor
LPRLeadership Potential Rating
LPRLetter Proposal Retrofit
LPRLondon Property Review Ltd
LPRLaboratory Property Removal
LPRLate Procurement Request
LPRLocal Payment Receipt
LPRLower Principal Representation
LPRLogic Program Register
LPRLaxity-Driven Proactive Resource Allocation
LPRLocal Problem Report
LPRLinear Phase Recorder (Sprint)
LPRLongs Peak Route (Estes Park, CO postal route)
LPRLow Power Removal
LPRLow-cost Pocket Radios
LPRLoss Prevention Report
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If you haven't picked up on it already, LPR filters are only good for observing nebulae--and then only emission and planetary nebulae.
sup][16] Our aims for this study were to investigate the esophageal functional changes in OSAHS patients and determine whether OSAHS affects LPR by affecting esophageal functions.
Jill Browning, Head of Logistics at R&R, said: "Working with LPR is a dream in terms of administration and reconciliations because I do not have to do any.
MAV Systems Ltd sells LPR cameras worldwide through a network of software and system integration partners who utilize the many advanced features of the MAV camera range to add true value to their LPR solution.
With more than 1 billion LPR data scans in its database, lenders get the benefit of being everywhere all the time when it comes to looking for assets.
LPR provides a thorough education and grounding for emerging leaders on the principles of American civilization - free enterprise; the rule of law; a vigorous national defense; free speech, elections; limited government - that will continue to be the basis for our prosperity, freedom and well-being in the decades ahead.
WINNERS: The Pilote Reference P716 LPR, above, and inset and, right, the Volkswagen-based Bilbo Celex LWB
Symptoms and signs of LPR have been reported in 4% to 10% of all patients seen by otolaryngologists, (4) but it is likely that these estimates are low.
gt; While symptoms of LPR should show improvement after 6 to 8 weeks of proton pump inhibitor therapy, advise patients to continue treatment for 4 to 6 months to ensure that laryngeal lesions and edema resolve.
The Team Columbia rider, who finished 71st in the Olympic road race, appeared to lose ground on LPR Brakes' Giairo Ermeti on the uphill finish but still had something left to retake the lead in the dash for the line.
Known by many names, LPR technology employs cameras and computer software to discern the letters and numbers of vehicle license plates and then compares them with records contained in state and federal databases.
The privatisation of Zedo has been heavily criticised by the nationalist and ultra-catholic LPR party, which forms a parliamentary alliance with the conservative minority government.