LPRPLao People's Revolutionary Party (Laos)
LPRPLunar Precursor Robotic Program (US NASA)
LPRPLacrimal Proline-Rich Protein
LPRPLachi Poverty Reduction Project (UN; Pakistan)
LPRPLand Preservation and Recreation Plan (Maryland)
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Meanwhile, Politburo member of the Central Committee of the LPRP Thongloun Sisoulith was appointed as prime minister.
In response to a question about whether Vietnam's position constituted an obstacle to the initiative, Ngaosyvathn replied, "No, we continued", as the initiative was endorsed at the highest level by the Politburo of the LPRP.
Series en niveles I II INF 0,2903 0,1021 LPIB 1,0675 *** 0,1646 ** LPRP 1,2052 *** 0,0925 TD 0,9466 *** 0,1741 ** I: Intercepto; II: Intercepto y tendencia.
In 1975, following the Vietnamese communists' triumph in the same year, the LPRP seized power in Laos.
Anyway, by erecting a temple and installing Buddhist monks in this highly ethnically heterogeneous highland region, the LPRP gave a touch of Lao-ness to Viengxay where before only the memory of the "struggle" was relevant for the state's history and identity politics.
Completed AFROTC LPRP applications must to be mailed to HQ AETC/A1KODD, 1850 First St.
At the Third Congress of the LPRP in 1982, the then party general-secretary, Kaysone Phomvihane, reiterated the need for the country to move from a subsistence-based to an industrialised socialist economy, marking the beginning of development planning in the country.
77) For the LPRP it is the political sphere that counts.
But the Congress's statement only further confirmed a course that began (albeit slowly and painfully) nearly twenty-five years earlier in 1986 with the official endorsement of the so-called "New (Economic) Thinking" (chintanakan mai) by the LPRP congress in that year.
Government representatives discussed the need for greater religious freedom at all levels of the Government and the LPRP.
These events took place against the background provided by growing rumours that the upper echelons of the LPRP themselves were now embroiled in a power struggle.
The LPRP is to contribute to a new bike culture in Baden-WE-rttemberg developed.