LPRPLao People's Revolutionary Party (Laos)
LPRPLunar Precursor Robotic Program (US NASA)
LPRPLacrimal Proline-Rich Protein
LPRPLachi Poverty Reduction Project (UN; Pakistan)
LPRPLand Preservation and Recreation Plan (Maryland)
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Completed AFROTC LPRP applications must to be mailed to HQ AETC/A1KODD, 1850 First St.
Kevin Morris, editor of FPGA and Structured ASIC Journal, referred to the LPRP as "Battery-Powered Proof -- A Development Board with A Mission.
Article 30 of the Constitution provides for freedom of religion; however, Article 9 discourages all acts that create divisions among religions and persons, which the LPRP and the Government interpret restrictively and consequently inhibit religious practice by all persons, especially those belonging to minority religions.
The LPRP is to contribute to a new bike culture in Baden-WE-rttemberg developed.