LPSALocal Public Service Agreement
LPSALondon Plastic Surgery Associates (UK)
LPSALocal Peace and Security Assembly (Philippines)
LPSALiberal Party of South Africa (est. 1953)
LPSALogistics Program Support Activity
LPSALog-Periodic Slot Antenna
LPSALinear Physical Systems Analysis (Swarthmore College; Swarthmore, PA)
LPSALivingston Parish Soccer Association (Louisiana)
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It was cool to see the similarities between Earth and the Red Planet," said Melissa Guzman, an LPSA intern.
To figure out how these two features are related, the LPSA interns measured both characteristics at three locations in the scablands.
The overall aim of LPSAs is to improve local public services by focusing on targets.
The Government is very tight in the criteria and standards it expects through LPSAs, and it is a tremendous achievement to have exceeded most targets.
In the second generation of LPSAs, an authority's choice of coverage will depend on the priorities for improvement locally, rather than on national targets.
The completion of this purchase is an important next step in our strategic focus on growing business in South America," said Rick Olszewski, LP's executive vice president of sales and president of LPSA.
LPSA also owns two OSB mills in Chile with a combined annual production capacity of 290 million square feet.
In addition to the potential reward grant, Wirral Council has received a 'LPSA Pump Priming' grant of pounds 1,062,000 to assist in the achievement of the LPSA targets.
Shaun Mangan and Lauren Towers secured Year 5 individual titles and the team also took a LPSA team title.