LPSPLe Platinum Style Productions (Newark, NJ)
LPSPLums Pond State Park (Bear, DE)
LPSPLoss of Power Supply Probability (power system reliability assessment)
LPSPLand Privatization Support Project (Moldova; USAID)
LPSPLudington Pumped Storage Project (hydroelectric generating station; Ludington, MI)
LPSPLaboratorie de Physique Stellair et Planetaire (France)
LPSPLick per Spout Presentation
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Sin embargo, es interesante analizar que para los LPSP menores de 10% se observa un crecimiento mucho mas notable al resto de puntos (Aumento de ACS).
The LPSP over a given time period T can then be calculated as follows
LPSP is normally a very small number corresponding to the number of day supply over a given time period.
A LPSP of 0 means the load will always be satisfied; and a LPSP of 1 means that the load will never be satisfied.
We take a year (8760 Hours) as a period to study the relationship between LPSP and different sizing configurations.
6 show the LPSP of the PV system which adopted VRB as energy storage unit.