LPSTLeaking Petroleum Storage Tank
LPSTLinkin Park Street Team (website)
LPSTLeadership and Professional Studies (Washington State University; Spokane, WA)
LPSTLow PMEPR (Peak to-Mean Envelope Power Ratio) Space-Time
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To illustrate the difference between the STAMN and LPST, we present the comparison results in Figure 8.
We ran three algorithms: the STAMN with exhaustive exploration, the STAMN with random exploration, and the LPST.
We present a comparison between the LPST and the STAMN.
The number of state nodes and action nodes in STAMN and LPST is described in Table 2.
We present a comparison between the STAMN and the LPST in noise-free environment and disturbed environment.
The related work mainly includes the LPST and the AMN.
LPST is constructed incrementally by expanding branches until they are identified or become looped using the observable termination criterion.
La Figura 4 explica la diferencia entre las pendientes P/y de los listones LPST versus LPS.