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LPTLocal Printer Terminal
LPTLine Printer
LPTLow Pressure Turbine
LPTLicensed Physical Therapist
LPTLicensed Penetration Tester
LPTLight Pressure Turbo (automotive)
LPTListed Property Trust
LPTLicensed Psychiatric Technician
LPTLongest Processing Time (operations management)
LPTLoss Portfolio Transfer (financial reinsurance)
LPTLine Printer Terminal
LPTLow Power Transceiver
LPTLoss Prevention Team
LPTLogistics Preparation of the Theater
LPTLimited Phlebotomy Technician (licensed medical assistant)
LPTLiquid Penetrant Test (non destructive testing)
LPTLow Platform Trailer
LPTLower-Order Path Termination
LPTLimited Performance Test
LPTLunar Propellant Tanker
LPTLabor Process Theory
LPTLoad Port Transfer
LPTLamina Propria T Cell
LPTLow Pressure Test
LPTLimited Production Test
LPTLaser Propulsion Test
LPTLimited Private Type
LPTLandings Per Tire (aviation)
LPTLegal Professional Training
LPTLouisville's Play Toy (Matt Hayes)
LPTLogistic Plug Trunk
LPTLocal Platform Testing (Sprint)
LPTLow Probability Targeting
LPTLow Power Technique
LPTLow Profile Transformer
LPTLimited Power Technician (Minnesota State Board of Electricity license)
LPTLiterary Present Tense (language use)
LPTLength-Preserving Transform (lossless text transformation)
LPTLorain Palace Theater (Lorain, OH)
LPTLaw Practice Today
LPTLower Paxton Township (Pennsylvania)
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Commonly used by osteopathic physicians, or DOs, LPT is an osteopathic manipulative technique (OMT) that enhances the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system.
At assessment, LPT children were 36 kg and 138 cm tall on average, with a head circumference of 54 cm.
Anyone who wishes to attend is advised to contact Lichfield LPT on 101, extension 4559, or email brian.
We reiterate our original assertion that the failure of LPT is in no way down to the people concerned, but to external financial pressures affecting shippers and customers alike which affected base costs and margins right through the supply chain.
Once I was ready, I signaled the PC that we were a "go" for the LPT.
LPT FM transmitters at four locations are also being set up, she added.
Recently, volatility in the LPT market has increased due to uncertainty about earnings, refinancing risk and asset values.
Although the company's business profile has materially changed, a strong level of capitalization continues to support the counterparty credit exposure associated with the LPT and the current rating level.
In relation to the self-assessed, if they haven't paid and filed their LPT return by the time they're filing their tax return in October - Property - they will be surcharged on their tax return.
Mr Mack thanked all the staff at the LPT and within Fresca who he said had worked so hard to give the LPT the best chance of success, and added: "If there is any way in which to make the LPT business work, we will find it, but if we cannot, then I wish to make it clear that failure of the venture will be down to the current economic climate and not any failing of the team.
Upon completion of all the related transactions, the LPT will own a 75% indirect interest in 25 suburban core plus office properties acquired from Reckson, containing approximately 3.
a leading solar thermal technology company, is providing its proprietary LPT solar thermal technology for use in the world's largest enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project.