LPTBLondon Passenger Transport Board (UK)
LPTBLow Pressure Turbine Blade
LPTBLatvijas Pacientu Tiesibu Birojs (Latvian: Latvian Patients' Rights Office; Latvia)
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For MPTB and LPTB, single-species RDs were generally null or slightly elevated in early weeks, and null afterward with some negative risks at the latest weeks.
RDs for VPTB, MPTB, and LPTB were generally elevated across all weeks of gestation in single- and multi-species models.
RDs for EC exposure and VPTB, MPTB, and LPTB were higher than would be expected on an additive scale for women of black race/ethnicity and women who smoked during pregnancy (Figure 5).
LPTB RDs are positive for exposures with lags 0-3 and lags 4-5.
5] and LPTB correspond to 5,587, meaning that for every 1-[micro]g/[m.
Using a cohort study design, we found mostly positive RDs for these gestational ages and exposure windows, except for LPTBs.