LPTVLow Power Television
LPTVLinear Periodically Time Varying
LPTVLarge Payload Test Vehicle
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NPR's vendetta against Channel 6 LPTV service, whose audio can be heard on many FM radios at 87.
He wrote that the officers "would simply file bankruptcy to avoid having to pay" but also "utilized the Contract with KM LPTV to raise funds from outside sources and in turn placed those funds in entities they controlled.
Patterson Gloor, an Illinois attorney for the Chicago station, wrote in court filings that KM LPTV had met its obligations under the contract but had not received required monthly payments.
About the Coalition for Local Television: The Coalition for Local Television is a group comprised of Class A and LPTV stations from across the country.
LPTV have covered the globe for many international broadcasters including the Discovery Channel, SBS, Eurosport and Current TV.
In the 1992 Cable Act, only a few LPTV stations in very small rural communities were given cable carriage rights.
3ABN is one of the largest Christian networks in North America in relation to the number of owned an operated LPTV stations.
The time has come to fully recognize the contribution that Class A and LPTV stations make to their communities.
Since commencing operations in late 2004, Longfoot Communications has acquired three LPTV construction permits including the permit in Winslow, Arizona, which has been constructed and is currently broadcasting.
Broadcast, LPTV, and cable TV affiliates seeking to screen the program for syndication should contact Kayla Hoffman-Cook or Danielle Leffler, New Visions Syndications, 970-925-2640.
Fuego Entertainment also announces a Lease Management Agreement and Purchase Option for LPTV station KVPX-LP in Las Vegas, Nevada.