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LPVLocalizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (aviation)
LPVLinear Parameter-Varying (systems and controls)
LPVLong Period Variable (astronomy)
LPVLand Product Validation
LPVLateral-precision with vertical guidance
LPVLogopedics Phoniatrics Vocology (British Voice Association journal)
LPVLunar Piloted Vehicle
LPVLine Powered Voice (Covad)
LPVLeak Point Volume
LPVLast Previous Vendor
LPVLimiting Pressure Velocity
LPVLast Patient Visit (clinical trials)
LPVLead Price Variation
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Order the Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015-2025: Outlook For Top Companies in MBT, MRAP, Medium, LPV & Other Military Armoured Vehicles report now.
We thank SMG Europe for again selecting Extricom's LPV (Large Public Venue) Wi-Fi solution for their newest project.
Hosted in front of an international audience of sports and entertainment executives and coined the "Oscars" of the industry, Extricom's first-place win proved that WLAN is fast becoming a 'must-have' for LPVs that want to maintain their competitive edge and maximize profits.
75 x volume of LPV/r) bd to achieve per mg equivalence for LPV and RTV).
Spanish avionics company INECO reports that an Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ200 with an integrated avionics fit has carried out "several perfect" satellite-guided, EGNOS-augmented LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approaches at Valencia airport.
The enhancement, Falcon Select II , will render execution profits like upgraded air traffic management capability with properties comprising ADS-B Out, FANS 1/A, and LPV.
Standard features of the G1000 avionics suite include LPV approaches, dual integrated solid-state attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), dual integrated digital air data computers and Class-B terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS).
A Synthetic Vision System (SVS), integrated ADS-B Out Version DO-260B and an FMS update that enables LPV in Europe were installed and certified in the B300 with certification for the C90 and B200 following closely behind.
All products in the GTN series are SBAS-enabled (WAAS and EGNOS) allowing pilots to fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath approaches down to ILS-comparable minimums.
The GFC 700 includes features such as coupled LPV approaches, vertical navigation, and flight level change (FLC).
Use of the tribological module allows customers to select materials based on wear factors, LPV values, and COFs at room and elevated temperatures.
27] LPV/r 'super-boosted' with additional RTV, in order that the LPV and RTV have a 1:1 ratio, is the preferred strategy.