LQDLand Quality Division (mining and reclamation authority; Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality; Cheyenne, WY)
LQDLongest Queue Drop (computing)
LQDLow-Q Diffractometer
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LQD uses a proprietary risk management and underwriting software called LQD Matrix, which improves upon existing underwriting techniques by considering loan structure and price as fundamental risk factors when assessing the risk of each potential loan.
Another advantage LQD touts is its customer acquisition model.
LQD has developed exceptional credit risk management capabilities and a sustainable marketing strategy that enables it to meet the liquidity needs of small businesses in a prudent, cost-effective manner.
In each annual self-bond renewal process, Alpha has determined its compliance status by consistently following a methodology prescribed by state regulations, and it has shared these calculations with the LQD as a part of each renewal application.
While we wait for further clarification from the LQD regarding its review methodology and process, we are investigating a range of options to address this new determination," Cavatoni added.
Bilbrough also introduced SWITCH's new LQD Cooling System(TM).
We're proud to reveal the patented technology behind the LQD Cooling System," said Tracy Bilbrough, CEO of SWITCH.
SWITCH's advanced LQD Cooling System incorporates the company's two proprietary components - a unique coolant made of liquid silicone and a highly efficient and reliable driver - under one technology.
The new position permits insurance companies to treat an investment in the LQD as a single Schedule D corporate bond investment, and to assess risk-based capital charges on an investment in the LQD as if it was a single bond with an NAIC 1 rating.
The LQD, launched on July 26, 2002, is the only corporate bond ETF in the U.