LQFLe Quartier Francais (French: The French Quarter; Franschhoek, South Africa)
LQFLongest Queue First
LQFLeadership Qualities Framework (National Health Service; UK)
LQFLowell Quilt Festival (Lowell, MA)
LQFLinear Quadratic Follower
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Conversely, to increase the nutritive value and utilization of LQF in ruminants, additional supplements containing CP, EE and SS should have to be added when LQF are offered as a feed to the ruminants.
Among the four LQF, ryegrass hay appeared to contain relatively a better mix of CP and SS than the other LQF whereas out of the three HQF, dried ryegrass had a better nutrient mix comprising CP, EE and SS than other two HQF.
The mean tannin contents were higher in HQF than LQF (P greater than 0.
In contrast the low SP contents ( less than 10g/ kg DM) of LQF might be of less interference for rumen fermentation.
The LQF being low in most minerals, supplements containing Ca, PHOS, S, Cu, and Co are required to balance the nutrient supply of LQF in order to increase their utilization.
1998) reported Ca deficiency in LQF which can cause Cadeficiencies if fed to high yielding dairy cattle due to potential Ca depletion in the form of milk resulting in milk fever (Wilde, 2006).
LQF = Low quality forages; HQF = High quality forages;
SEM for LQF v HQF###504###2017###123###199###303###233###0.
In contrast LQF contained more SFA that means during maturation and processing many PUFA were oxidized to SFA.
Therefore, PUFA containing supplements could help increase the utilization of LQF.
RG = Dried ryegrass SEM= Standard error of means to compare means within LQF or HQF and means of LQF v HQF
LQF = Low quality forages; HQF = High quality forages SFA = Saturated fatty acids; MUFA = Mono unsaturated fatty acids; PUFA = Poly unsaturated fatty acids