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LQFPLow-profile Quad Flat Package
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To showcase the capability of its XDR memory architecture to operate at multi-gigabit data rates in an ultra low-cost package, Rambus has implemented an XDR memory controller in an LQFP package that can operate reliably at data rates of up to 3.
Main specifications for the MB91F464AA, MB91F465KA and MB91F467RA Product Name MB91F464AA MB91F465KA MB91F467RA Flash Memory 384 KB 512 KB 1 MB Instruction -- 4 KB 8 KB Cache Data RAM 8 KB 48 KB Instruction/ Data Shared 8 KB 16 KB RAM DMA 5 Channel (ch) CAN 1 ch 2 ch (# of (32) (32, 64) Message Buffers) LIN- 5 ch 7 ch compatible UART I2C 1 ch 3 ch 10 bit A/D 21 ch 26 ch 16 ch Converter External 10 ch 16 ch Interrupts 8/16 bit PPG 10 ch 12 ch 8 ch Timer 16 bit 8 ch 5 ch Reload Timer 16 bit Free- 8 ch 4 ch Run Timer 16 bit Input 8 ch 4 ch Capture 16 bit 6 ch 8 ch 4 ch Output Compare Real-Time Yes Clock Watch Dog Yes Timer External Bus / -- Yes SDRAM Interface Package LQFP-100 LQFP -120 LQFP-176 pin pin pin Power Supply 3.
To reflect the board space constraints faced by portable system designers, Oxford is offering the OXU200 in a choice of space saving packages: a 12mm x 12mm 100-pin LQFP and a 6mm x 6mm 64-ball BGA package.
3V respectively, is provided in a space efficient 80-pin LQFP package and is specified for commercial temperature range operation (0-70C).
Maximum design flexibility is supported with 3 analog inputs, 2 UART ports, I2C serial control, 5V LCD charge pump, up to 12 DIO pins, an in-system programmable FLASH, real time clock (RTC), 64KB FLASH, internal 128 segment LCD driver, and a high precision voltage reference to enable high accuracy and low cost solutions in a highly integrated 64-pin LQFP package.