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LQGLinear Quadratic Gaussian
LQGLarge Quantity Generator
LQGLoop Quantum Gravity
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Section II examines optimal decisions and economic dynamics in an LQG setting with SE.
Under the LQG assumption, the certainty equivalence principle holds when the agent cannot observe [s.
The problem considered herein is a LQG optimal one, defined by the system
The weak point of the LQG control is its lack of robustness.
Besides this, trade-off curves similar to the LQG benchmark can be draw by varying control variation weighting parameter.
The LQG benchmark proposed in Huang and Shah (1999) explicitly takes the control cost into account.
For the LQG and LQG/LTR design, robust stability at the gasifier input within the bandwidth of interest could be met.
This is shown that LQG/LTR, LQG are ranked first followed by [H.
HWPs, which will be outside of the traditional hazardous waste count at SQGs and LQGs, will be subject to management standards in an entirely new subpart in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous waste regulations--Subpart P of 40 CFR Part 266.
Interestingly, in the self-policing regression only two coefficients are significant, the coefficient on Percent LQGs and the coefficient on Land Area.
For example, the coefficient on Percent LQGs is negative and significant in the privilege regression, indicating that states with higher percentages of large quantity hazardous waste generators adopt audit privilege more quickly.