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LQRLinear Quadratic Regulator
LQRLink Quality Report
LQRLaw Quarterly Review (Sweet & Maxwell periodical; UK)
LQRLow Quality Roughages
LQRLocal Qualitative Radio
LQRLower Quartile Ranking
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Then, the state feedback controller is designed based on the LQR method.
Then, this estimated linear model was used to design a linear feedback controller based on the LQR technique (Naidu 2003).
Controller design will consist of LQR and reference trajectory design as follows (Podsialdo):
Micro-Box can also be used for linear control, motor control, or any classical or advanced control theory such as PID, LQR, neural networks, or fuzzy system.
When the process displays significant non-linearity, the intended LQR optimal performance will not be realized.
To complement its LQR platform, Genworth recently launched ePolicy Delivery and check image deposit.
LQR is one of mature state space methods that developed early in the modern control theory [4].