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LQTLong QT Syndrome (heart condition)
LQTLinux Québec Technologies (Québec, Canada)
LQTLuminance Quantization Table
LQTLaredo Quality Transfer Services, Inc. (Laredo, TX)
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An NN was proposed as a vehicle for the capturing of LQT data in off-the-shelf control systems, providing a straightforward framework for implementation, as shown in Rieger and Naidu (2005).
Data are emerging on adjustment of risk category based on LQT subtype.
The mainstay of therapy in patients with LQTS remains beta-blockers, particularly in LQT1 patients.
Hereditary LQTS classically affects family members in multiple generations, reflecting an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.
LQT has started engineering for the project and construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015.
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements about the expected growth and development of Genaissance's business, including revenue and operating expenses, expected financial performance, the demand for GLP services, the launch of a diagnostic test for familial LQT, and the ability of Genaissance to apply its technologies to the development, marketing and prescribing of drugs and to detect associations between clinical outcomes and genetic variation.
Furthermore, patients with low--or nonpenetrant genetic LQTS (16,17) may become symptomatic only when taking drugs prolonging the Q-T interval (18).
The rare amino acid polymorphism, Thr8Ala, described previously (4) was not found in any of the LQTS patients.
Recent functional studies have disclosed that many mechanisms may cause mutations in KCNH2 to produce LQTS (29).
In the latter case, acquired LQTS may be seen after the use of a variety of medications (eg, antiarrhythmic medications, antihistamines, psychotropic drugs, antifungal drugs, or macrolide antibiotics) or with electrolyte abnormalities, such as hypokalemia.
Romano-Ward syndrome is the most common inherited form of LQTS and is transmitted as an autosomal-dominant trait[1,2.