LRAS3Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System
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LRAS3 allows for 24/7 reconnaissance and surveillance missions, remaining outside threat acquisition and engagement ranges by replacing obsolete systems requiring observers to be within direct fire range of the threat they seek to detect.
LRAS3 is mounted on vehicles such as Humvees and Strykers, but it can be used dismounted, as well.
The range capability and image clarity provided by LRAS3 are credited with preventing several fratricides in Iraq because operators could distinguish between enemy and friendly vehicles beyond the ranges of other conventional systems.
Also in the works in Bowman's shop is the 3rd generation LRAS3, to be tested in 2006.
Compared to the current LRAS3 power sources, the improved ALPS system will be lighter by 187 pounds, provide a 200 percent increase in silent watch time and reduce recharging time by 300 percent.
Note: You cannot mourn the LRAS3 on HMWWVs with the overhead cover.
Several LRAS3 systems were issued to the 3rd ID in Kuwait and then handed over to the 1st Armored Division.
LRAS3 is a multi-sensor infrared system enabling real-time detection, recognition, identification and geo-location of distant targets.
Get your maintainer to replace the module following the procedure in TM 11-5855-321-30&P to ensure there are no problems with your LRAS3 when you need it.
Gen II FLIRs for the modernized Bradley, Abrams and LRAS3 scout will be supported by a common supply depot and the same specialists and test equipment.
I need to get the word out to units using LRAS3 systems that vehicle integration kits (VIKs) are available for vehicles in theater.
During the year, NCS booked $254 million on the STARS program for the FAA and DoD, $250 million for LRAS3 for the U.