LRBALogics for Resource Bounded Agents (Workshop)
LRBALondon Rice Brokers Association (Farnham, Surrey, England, UK)
LRBALouisiana Rabbit Breeders Association
LRBALong Run Baptist Association Inc. (Louisville, KY)
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Among these diseases, APECED, ALPS, IPEX, IPEX-like syndromes (CD25 and STAT5b deficiency, LRBA deficiency, CTLA4 deficiency, gain of function mutation of the STAT1 gene), IL-10/IL-10 receptor deficiency and newly defined Phospholipase C-gamma-2-related autoantibody deficiency and immune dysregulation (PLAID) are characterized by autoimmunity.
In STAT5b deficiency, which is defined as similar to IPEX, IL-2 receptor mutation, gain of protein function mutation of the STAT1 and STAT3 genes, CTLA4 deficiency and LRBA deficiency, disruptions in signal pathways responsible for regulatory T cell function have also been identified (12-16).
We were thrilled to work with CS on this innovative project and that they chose Presagis COTS simulation tools to help the LRBA evaluate and perfect the performance of its missiles and navigation systems.