LRCVLaw Reform Commission of Victoria (Australia)
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The LRCV stated that '[t]he excessively long sentence is not suitable for any audience' (19) and '[t]here is never any justification for a long sentence in a functional document.
The LRCV argued that there are no rules which mandate the expression of provisions in single sentence structures.
The LRCV noted that this type of sentence structure forces readers to engage in 'intricate syntactic analysis' to extract meaning.
The LRCV Guidelines listed above have been applied to the whole of the RRT Act and the results are contained in Table 1.
While the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel has a plain English drafting policy, the LRCV Guidelines have not been officially adopted: see Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Department of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria) Plain English Policy (2003) <http://www.
The findings of this study in relation to the cross-examination of rape complainants about their sexual history are discussed at some length in LRCV (1991a and 1991b).
He would also like to thank Richard Burke, Krysti Guest, Andrea Lester, Bernadette McMahon and Sarah Russell who worked as coders on the LRCV study, although none of them are responsible for the interpretation of the data presented herein.