LRDCLearning Resource Display Center (libraries)
LRDCLearning Research and Development Center (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
LRDCLand Resources Development Centre (United Kingdom)
LRDCLearning Resources Distribution Centre (Saskatchewan, Canada)
LRDCLaw Reform and Development Commission (est. 1992; Namibia)
LRDCLong Run Demand Curve (economics)
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Ms Rachel Mundilo, Legal Officer at LRDC explained the NUST Bill briefly, how NUST should be structured and its aims.
27) This legal arrangement allowed the LRDC to act as "controller and manager" in lieu of an elected town council.
The organization and design of both the LRDC and PC versions of the program are similar.
Whereas the LRDC Instructional Model Typically was implemented in inner-city schools serving low-income minority pupils, the ALEM has been implemented in more varied settings, including rural and suburban schools with middle-class, gifted, and, most notably, handicapped students.
1 This article is based on a documentation effort undertaken to chronicle the development of the collaboration between the LRDC and the AFT and the teachers and researchers involved (see Bickel and Hattrup 1991-92).
But Shangala says these crimes need social interventions too and while the LRDC restricts itself to the legal position prevailing in the country It should explore alternative avenues to deal with the unfortunate situation gripping the country.
LRDC is a Government agency entrusted with the very important task of reforming the law and development agenda.
86-acre property was assembled under LRDC Real Estate in three transactions totaling nearly $4 million.
I understand this to mean that the LRDC is empowered to research and examine both the substantive and procedural law, and recommend its reform or further development.
LRDC Real Estate LLC, led by Michael Jones, obtained the 14-year loan from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Ala.
Volgens die LRDC se verslag is 86% van die slagoffers van huishoudelike geweld van die sake wat tydens die studietydperk by die polisie aangemeld is, vroue in vergelyking met slegs 14% mans.
According to the LRDC report: "In the domestic violence cases reported during the period studied, 86% of the victims were female, compared to only 14% male.