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To this extent, the LRDC will undertake desk research to inform it of the need for reform and in the process engage stakeholders, such as the Office of the Prosecutor-General, the Namibian Police (Nampol), the ministries of Justice and Gender Equality and Child Welfare, as well as the Law Society of Namibia and civil organisations including the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN), to ensure the LRDC is guided in its decision to reform existing laws or develop a pragmatic and new legal framework that is responsive to the needs and concerns of the nation,' explains Shangala, The LRDC chairperson cannot commit himself to an exact timeframe for this reform, although points out the task at hand is multifold, complicated and needs utmost, careful considerations.
Shangala says, proposals may be made that Namibia introduces models similar to those of either South Africa or Zambia, The LRDC shall give due consideration to these and other models of bail, however, any recommendation made shall give due consideration to the constitutional imperatives embedded in Chapter 3 of the Namibian Constitution,' says Shangala.
To this end, LRDC says life imprisonment without the option of parole as statutory prescription introduced with the view to act as a deterrent or in retribution of the murder committed by a convict, may very welt violate the right to dignity and is cruel, inhumane and degrading, Such punishments, it says, are prohibited by Article 8 of the Constitution, no matter how dastard a crime is.
Asserts Shangala: 'The LRDC places emphasis on any legislative reforms that increase minimum sentences for murder as constitutionally permissible provided that such legislation does not prescribe mandatory sentences whereby the courts are prohibited from exercising punishment and sentencing discretion.
Letting courts do their work Courts should not be prohibited from considering mitigating factors, LRDC says.
Ms Rachel Mundilo, Legal Officer at LRDC explained the NUST Bill briefly, how NUST should be structured and its aims.
Whereas the LRDC Instructional Model Typically was implemented in inner-city schools serving low-income minority pupils, the ALEM has been implemented in more varied settings, including rural and suburban schools with middle-class, gifted, and, most notably, handicapped students.
First, we included only evaluations of the ALEM, distinguishing such studies from those of the ALEM's predecessor, the LRDC Instructional Model.
I fully agree with those who are arguing that "the chairman of LRDC does not have to be politically active for the sake of successful electoral and or law reform.
LRDC Real Estate LLC, led by Michael Jones, obtained the 14-year loan from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Ala.
At Pitt, LRDC founding director Robert Glaser and past director Lauren Resnick established programs of learning research and instructional development as twin pillars of educational innovation.
About Pitt's Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC): For four decades, LRDC scholars have researched learning and instruction in a number of disciplines with the aim of advancing education and training.