LRDPLong Range Development Plan
LRDPLaura Reed & Deep Pocket (band)
LRDPLow-Range Differential Pressure (underground storage tanks)
LRDPLand Retirement Demonstration Project (San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program; California)
LRDPLaboratory Revitalization Demonstration Program (US DoD)
LRDPLow Resolution Digital Photography
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The LRDP explores and defines issues of contiguity within an interdisciplinary campus.
The 2020 LRDP created in 2005, contains a conceptual design framework for campus development.
In the mid-20th century, both styles were abandoned for the pared down aesthetic of The Modern Era, as exhibited in Thomas Church's 1962 LRDP As in prior plans, the 1962 plan supported principles that respected the campus's site context, natural features, and image.
The LRDP helps to ensure that we are able to maintain our vital role as a world-class university providing high-quality and specialized patient care; training the next generation of health care providers, scientists and academics; and discovering the greatest advances to fight and treat disease.
Unlike the previous LRDP, which focused on significant growth and resulted in the creation of the Mission Bay campus site this plan anticipates a slower rate of growth over the next 20 years, and places renewed focus on consolidation and renovation of existing facilities as well as improving seismic safety.
The LRDP represents extensive planning and consultation with UCSF staff as well as with adjacent communities and the city s civic leaders.
The Draft LRDP identifies three possible locations for the campus site: Brisbane Baylands-Executive Park, located in Brisbane and San Francisco; Harbor Bay Business Park in Alameda; and Mission Bay in San Francisco.
Preparation of the LRDP began more than four years ago.
submitted as part of its review of UCSB s 2010 LRDP.
California Coastal Act, so as to be able to write Coastal Act analysis of LRDP policies and provide other information to the CCC, as needed.