LRECLanguage Resources and Evaluation Conference
LRECLocal Research Ethics Committee (United Kingdom)
LRECLouisiana Real Estate Commission
LRECLake Region Electric Cooperative
LRECLeicester Racial Equality Council (UK)
LRECLiaison Residency Endorsement Committee
LRECLINK Reconciliation (process to reconcile financial transactions on the UK financial switch)
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The biggest concern in Air Force logistics education and training is the eight-year gap between formal education programs (initial technical training as a second lieutenant followed by LREC as a major).
As always, Annette Boyd Pitts, founder and executive director of FLREA and long-time member of the LREC, continues to pursue law-related and civics education for Florida students.
The required resources are coordinated with DLIFLC, TCC, UFMCS, HTS, and other LREC stakeholders.
The challenge for the Army is to merge the RAF and SLP concepts with the LREC capabilities and requirements in a resource-constrained environment.
These events marry LREC training with regional SC activities requested by U.
An executive committee of each LREC was then supposed to expedite the review of the protocol.
Nicholson, "Another Look at LREC Annual reports," Bulletin of Medical Ethics, no.
Yesterday's tribunal in Edinburgh heard that in the LREC ran ads that said a successful candidate must have management and commun- ication skills and be good with numbers.
This description of an approach to RAF training, developed jointly by the TCC and the LREC Management Office (LRECMO), is efficient, effective, and informed by nearly two years of RAF training in units.
The LREC has created an award, nomination and selection process that will recognize an outstanding volunteer and judge for the past year.
Comparable corpora in translation research: Overview of recent analyses using the translational English corpus, LREC Language Resources in Translation Work and Research Workshop Proceedings.
Winners were selected by LREC members who judged entries based on originality, theme adherence, clarity of message, and video quality.