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LRFLantbrukarnas Riksförbund (Sweden, Federation of Swedish Farmers)
LRFLeukemia Research Foundation
LRFLaser Range Finder
LRFLegal Resources Foundation
LRFLocal Resilience Forum (UK)
LRFLong-Range Forecasting
LRFLittle Rubber Feet
LRFLumber Recovery Factor (forestry industry)
LRFLogical Record Facility (IBM IDMS database)
LRFLogistics Readiness Flight
LRFLouisiana Renaissance Festival
LRFLocal Register File
LRFLocation Registration Function
LRFLaser Resonance Fluorescence
LRFLand Rover Forum (Norway)
LRFLast Return Filed (IRS)
LRFLateral Range Function
LRFLow Resolution Facsimile
LRFLittle Rock Field (Little Rock AFB, Arkansas)
LRFLicense Request Form
LRFLanguage Related Factor
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This'll protect Soldiers from eye damage in case the LRF is activated by accident.
In the months ahead, with a formalized branch of the foundation soon to be officially launched in Lebanon, the LRF is turning its attention to educational initiatives involving Lebanese.
Other sights are equipped with an LRF but do not provide automatic correction, leaving elevation adjustment to the shooter himself.
An example of how this information can be used is as follows: A sawmill manager knows that the mill has an LRF of 6.
Richard Roper of Stradey and District Residents Action Group, said in a letter of complaint to Steve Hudson, the Assembly Government's audit manager, "It appears that the sole purpose of seeking LRF support was to release council funds which could then be put towards the stadium project at Pemberton.
But LRF chair Phil Woolas argued there was "no doubt that lives had been saved" by the professionalism of the response.
In September 2005, LRF provided $5 million of project finance to the Company,
32 Long RF after shooting the shorts and haven't cleaned the chamber, the LRF cases may stick because the chamber is slightly fouled.
Current rules state that only 25 per cent of unspent LRF money can be carried forward.
Andrew Trehearne, head of communications for LRF, said the ladies approached them when the calendar was almost complete.
Represented the landlord, Ettnor Partners, LLC c/o LRF Slater Companies, Inc.
For example, a prepackaged cheesecake topped with cherries in a thick glaze may have a LRF of 4 for the four days at the end of your life you would have enjoyed had you not eaten it.