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LRFLantbrukarnas Riksförbund (Sweden, Federation of Swedish Farmers)
LRFLeukemia Research Foundation
LRFLadle Refining Furnace (steel manufacturing)
LRFLaser Range Finder
LRFLegal Resources Foundation
LRFLocal Registration File
LRFLinker Response File
LRFLine Response Function
LRFLocal Resilience Forum (UK)
LRFLong-Range Forecasting
LRFLittle Rubber Feet
LRFLeft Ring Finger
LRFLocal Regeneration Fund (UK)
LRFLumber Recovery Factor (forestry industry)
LRFLiquid Rocket Fuel
LRFLogical Record Facility (IBM IDMS database)
LRFLogistics Readiness Flight
LRFLouisiana Renaissance Festival
LRFLocal Register File
LRFLocation Registration Function
LRFLaser Resonance Fluorescence
LRFLand Rover Forum (Norway)
LRFLast Return Filed (IRS)
LRFLateral Range Function
LRFLanguage Related Factor
LRFLow Resolution Facsimile
LRFLittle Rock Field (Little Rock AFB, Arkansas)
LRFLicense Request Form
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Network Convergence (NC) can be a local (lNC) or a full IoT subnetwork event, where the coordinates of NN in LRF are replaced by APS coordinates.
Additionally, LRF has partnered with Europe's only accredited academy specialized in trading - Afxants to create The Diamond Academy.
Furthermore, training our method is much faster than other compared methods thanks to stochastic pooling and the appropriate LRF size.
1), percebe-se que a internet, principalmente atraves dos portais eletronicos, tem sido instrumento indispensavel e agil com o intuito de viabilizar a divulgacao dos resultados das contas publicas, cuja obrigatoriedade ganhou espaco nos trechos da LRF e na Lei Complementar n[grados] 131/09.
Na Tabela 1, e possivel observar a MTT1, MTT2, LRF e o IPRF do grupo de sujeitos que referiram nao escutar bem (com queixa) e do grupo de sujeitos que mencionaram escutar bem (sem queixa) frente ao questionamento "O(a) senhor(a) acha que escuta bem?
This'll protect Soldiers from eye damage in case the LRF is activated by accident.
In the months ahead, with a formalized branch of the foundation soon to be officially launched in Lebanon, the LRF is turning its attention to educational initiatives involving Lebanese.
Amongst the scopes equipped with an integrated LRF the 4-12x42 Eliminator LaserScope developed by Burris is one of very few to provide automatic correction of the aiming point according to the measured distance and the ballistics of the chosen round.
En el LRF, aproximadamente un 4% del volumen total corresponde a volumen microbiano, donde las bacterias constituyen la mitad de la biomasa en el rumen normal y son responsables de la actividad metabolica; de igual forma, se encuentran hongos, que constituyen hasta el 8% de la biomasa intra ruminal y se ubican en la ingesta de lento movimiento, evitando su rapido lavado y contribuyen a la digestion de forrajes de baja calidad.
Pai is an experienced operational weather forecaster with expertise in the field of long and extended range prediction and has been part of teams that developed several operational LRF models and introduced the new two-stage LRF strategy of IMD for summer monsoon rainfall.
The conference highlighted the following main accomplishments of the project: - supporting legislative policy reforms -- five laws adopted stimulate agricultural land mortgage development by enlarging the pool of owners, put a moratorium on transformation of irrigated lands and propose a draft Land Concept; - improving management practices in the Land Redistribution Fund (LRF) -- a Presidential Decree adopted the Strategy for Future Use of LRF Land and its transformation into the State Agricultural Land Fund;- inventory of LRF land -- provided practical assistance in the development of LRF - strategic plans for 60 aiyl okrugs of Kyrgyzstan.