LRFILine Remote Failure Indication
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The LRFI was set up last year to address these gaps and to make a valuable contribution by developing as a centre of expertise for the public understanding of risk.
Based on the Gompertz model, LRFI boars had slightly lower mature feed intake (2.
Selection for reduced RFI has led to a lower population curve for DFI for the LRFI than the CTRL line (Figure 4).
In this study, we also found that differences between the LRFI and CTRL lines in estimates of coefficients from the Gompertz model for DFI and BW were not consistent between boars and gilts.
2008) reported that after four generations of selection, boars of the LRFI line consumed 202 g/d less feed and gained 39 g/d less weight than the CTRL line on average over the test period.