LRFSLocal Relapse-Free Survival (aka Locoregional Relapse-Free Survival; cancer research)
LRFSLocal Recurrence-Free Survival (cancer)
LRFSLogistics Requirements and Funding Summary
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The duration of time to LRFS and DMFS was measured from the date of the completion of radiation therapy (including boost irradiation) until documented treatment failure.
The 3- and 5-year OS, LRFS, and DMFS rates were 82.
Induction chemotherapy regimens did not fit for LRFS log-rank test.
There was no significant independent factor for LRFS in multivariate analysis.
In our study, the 3- and 5-year OS, LRFS, and DMFS rates indicated that distant metastasis remained the major factor for treatment failure.
LRFS was defined as patient survival since the start of the treatment till evidence of local recurrent of disease.
LRFS was also similar between the two groups ( P = 0.
sup][2] In addition, LRFS rate was not different between the two groups ( P = 0.
However, subgroup analysis showed that treatment response of pathological down-staging predicted better PFS and LRFS.