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LRILong-range Research Initiative
LRILaboratoire de Recherche en Informatique
LRILerner Research Institute (Cleveland Clinic)
LRILeicester Royal Infirmary (hospital in Leicester, UK)
LRILower Respiratory Infection
LRILegal Resource Index
LRILong Range Interceptor
LRILimbal Relaxing Incision (eye surgery)
LRILeadership Research Institute (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)
LRILightning Rod Insulator
LRILaughing Rabbit, Inc.
LRILunar Research Institute
LRILogistics Readiness Inspection
LRILine Replaceable Item
LRILong-Range International
LRILiverpool Royal Infirmary (UK)
LRILow Resolution Image
LRILine Replacement Item
LRILimited Range Intercept
LRILife Roles Inventory
LRILeft-Right Indicator
LRILimited/Laser Range of Intercept
LRILawndale Railway & Industrial Company
LRILand Reporting Initiative
LRILoker Research Institute (University of Southern California)
LRILubricants Review Institute (SAE International)
LRILivestock Research Institute (Bangladesh)
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He also stressed another stated aim of the LRI is "to show the linkage between reforestation projects and allowing the community to protect their lands.
But the Oregon Employment Department ruled that the workers were in fact employees, and that LRI had to pay workers compensation insurance for them.
Symptoms of LRI (fast or difficult breathing and chest indrawing) were found in 1.
The court noted the investors were never designated as thirdparty beneficiaries of the contracts between LRI and Deloitte.
As currently envisioned, only procedures defined as physician services would be excluded from the LRI.
Today the LRI is the world's leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus.
But after just one year of growing efforts, which has seen LRI plant more than 200,000 native tree seedlings, the organization is seeing survivability rates of between 60 and 80 percent at its reforestation sites around the country.
However, the model performed well for established LRI factors, suggesting that the findings for formaldehyde exposure were likewise valid.
Hetherington testified at the public hearing on the bill, emphasizing the need for state legislators to develop lupus education activities reflecting LRI initiatives achieved at the federal level.
Our LRI funds allowed us to carry out the early experiments that led to the definition of the CD8 suppressor cells.
Taken from the LRI Nurses' Training School picture book, compiled by Pat Shillington and Pat Lambert, marking the 75th Anniversary of Liverpool's Nurses' League this weekend.
a manufacturer in this tiny rural community about 40 miles west of Eugene, he never once thought of himself as an LRI employee.