LRISLawyer Referral Information Service (various locations)
LRISLow Resolution Imaging Spectrograph (Keck Observatory)
LRISLand Records Information System (U.S. Department of the Interior; Indian land trust)
LRISLabor Relations Information System
LRISLand Registration and Information Services (Canada)
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Knowing the distance to the quasar, the researchers calculated the wavelength for Lyman alpha radiation from that distance and built a special filter for LRIS to get an image at that wavelength.
The Ventura County Bar Association's LRIS program, certified by the State Bar of California, regulates local bar association lawyer referral programs throughout the state.
At the time of this writing LRIS was not fully commissioned, but it was used in October 1993 by Oke, Cohen, and their Caltech colleagues Jeremy R.
The LRIS spectrum of PC 0025 + 0447 is dominated by emission lines of atomic hydrogen and emission bands of titanium and vanadium oxide.
Along with LRIS, the commissioning of HIRES underscores the fact that Keck's biggest advantage is for spectroscopy.
Perhaps the biggest surprise in the auction was the group of 5 gold so-called annular patterns from the LRIS Collection, which virtually all realized world record prices at auction and together realized in excess of $230,000, all 5 going to the same collector.
Based in Portland, Oregon, LRIS is a leading resource on personnel issues for public safety professionals and their employers.
LRIS 70(th) Anniversary Honorary Chairperson Cristina Perez, host of "Cristina's Court" on FOX television and a practicing attorney, commented, "Being the oldest and largest non-profit lawyer referral service in the country carries with it a responsibility to also be the best.
The LRIS is a public resource, available to anyone looking for a qualified, reliable attorney to handle any of a wide variety of legal topics.
LRIS Directing Attorney Patricia Holt noted, "Because the LRIS is a part of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, consumers can turn to us for legal assistance with complete trust and confidence.