LRITLow Rate Information Transmission
LRITLong Range Identification & Tracking (maritime security)
LRITLearning Resources and Information Technology (various locations)
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For example, the Commandant of the Coast Guard has championed the SOLAS amendments that will create the LRIT system; for their part, few naval officers are familiar with the system, though it is the future of unclassifed information sharing for maritime domain awareness.
67) The LRIT system will operate by having vessels send reports of their positions periodically to cooperating national, regional or international LRIT data centers.
The Department of Homeland Security in response to the report said long-range AIS and LRIT are two complementary systems with different sets of data being drawn from different classes of vessels.
Two resolutions were adopted, one appointing the International Mobile Satellite Organisation (IMSO) as the LRIT coordinator and one on Operation of the International LRIT Data Exchange, which agrees that the United States should continue to provide the International LRIT Data Exchange on an interim basis until December 31, 2011 while a permanent solution is sought.
Bahrain was not only the first Arab country to fully implement the LRIT system, we were also among the first in the world," said GOP director-general Hassan Ali Al Majed.
Greg Ewert, Iridium executive vice president of Global Distribution Channels, said, "The Iridium satellite network meets all IMO requirements for serving as an LRIT communications service provider (CSP).
All of this information will be received, upon request, through a system of national, regional, co-operative and international LRIT data centres, using the LRIT international data exchange.
Contract notice: ASP/CSP services for the EU LRIT Cooperative Data Centre.
The report " Maritime Security Market[Access Control & Biometrics (Finger, Face, Voice, Iris); Surveillance and Tracking (Underwater, Video, AIS, LRIT, Imaging); Detectors; SCADA; GIS; Communications (Satellite, Radio)] - Worldwide Market Forecasts (2013 - 2018)", defines and segments the global Maritime Security Market into various sub segments with in-depth analysis and forecast of revenues.
Falling in line with its ambition to realise a leadership position in the international maritime community, the GOP has now completed the implementation of all LRIT requirements, well ahead of the IMO's September 31 deadline, said a top official.
The LRIT system will entitle governments who have adopted the new regulations to be entitled to receive reports on identification and position of ships registered to that member state, wherever the ship is located.