LRLLugradio Live (Open Source technologies conference)
LRLLunar Receiving Laboratory
LRLLawrence Radiation Laboratory
LRLLeast Recently Loaded
LRLLower Range Limit
LRLLogical Record Length
LRLLead Refinement List
LRLLunar Robotic Lander (NASA)
LRLLaughing Really Loud
LRLLong Range Laser
LRLLadies Racing League
LRLLaughing Rolling Laughing (chat slang)
LRLLegislative Reference Library (various locations)
LRLLittle Red Light (band)
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Peres HA, Pereira LRL, Freitas MCF (2016) Toxins, malnutrition, stress, infections and electromagnetic pollution: Looking about new perspectives in development of diseases.
0] is greater how bigger the d, considering the same character, the same number of treatments and replications, as can be observed to SH (Table 2), NL (Table 3) and LRL (Table 4).
An increase by one percent in the ratio noted LRL, representing the ratio of liabilities and assets, decreases the probability of default by 22 %;
Estimated dorsal mantle length (DML [mm]) and wet mass (g) were calculated using regression equations between LRL or HL and body size (Clarke 1986; Walker and others 2002 for Gonatopsis borealis [southern form]; and NOAA NMML, unpubl.
NAGANA = NGN + A x 3 REVERE = RVR + E x 3 MINIMI = MNM + I x 3 BONOBO = BNB + O x 3 LURULU = LRL + U x 3
Errors in free-space measurement of S-parameters due to multiple reflections between the antennas and the mode transitions are eliminated by implementing LRL (Line, Reflect, Line) calibration techniques in free-space [4,10].
president, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dale Edgar, Lilly research fellow, Science and Technology Partnerships, LRL, Eli Lilly & Co.
A bookbinder by trade, Perry had long been active in the RTLC; by 1915 he was its vice-president and also president of the LRL.
Moderated by Margaret Anderson, Executive Director, FasterCures Speakers: Christopher Austin, MD, Director, National Center for Translational Sciences (NCATS), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ronald DePinho, MD, President, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dale Edgar, Lilly Distinguished Research Fellow, Science and Technology Partnerships, LRL, Eli Lilly & Company
2,c) LRL, se refiere solo a la modalidad decenal o tasa de equivalencia del art.
El Estatuto de los Trabajadores de 1980 apuesta por un modelo dual de contratacion temporal: una estructural (manteniendo los contratos de la LRL de 1976) y una coyuntural (a traves de la autorizacion al Gobierno para implantar contratos temporales de fomento del empleo).
In this mechanism, all vehicles will be provided with LRL containing the information about all the adversaries in the current road, this LRL is received by nearest RSU to vehicle located on the road.