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LRMLanguage Reference Manual
LRMLocal Resource Manager
LRMLine Replaceable Module
LRMLong Range Missile
LRMCasa De Campo, Dominican Republic (Airport Code)
LRMLead Response Management
LRMListing of Required Modifications (IRS)
LRMLombard Risk Management PLC
LRMLand Resources Management
LRMLocal Restaurant Marketing
LRMLong Range Mode
LRMLink Resource Manager
LRMLore-Master (gaming)
LRMLow-Rate Multiplexer
LRMLunar Resource Mapper
LRMLISI Reference Model
LRMLogistics Requirements Matrix
LRMLocal Repair Most
LRMLauncher Response Message
LRMLage Raho Munnabhai (Bollywood film)
LRMLake and Reservoir Management (Taylor & Francis Group; North American Lake Society)
LRMLinear Regression Model (statistics)
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LRM is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to measure security and compliance postures and target IT risk across business assets.
To determine whether a similar mechanism may exist in humans, Gothilf and his fellow researchers isolated and tested the human LRM and inserted it into zebrafish cells.
LRM is a Flemish Authority-owned profit-oriented investment company which acts as an investor to promote economic development and general employment in the province of Limburg, Belgium.
LRM will contribute EUR 1 million to the capital hike.
LRM is not a replacement for Sniper School, he said, but it's a good way to meet the Army's need for long-range marksmen.
According to LRM, the project will help validate the TPF process for molding long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT).
McDonough said he was proud that the other four magazines the company has let go of have managed to survive in some form and was frustrated that it appears LRM probably won't.
In LRM, online tutors are available for an institution's students 24 hours a day.
For example, LRM names the patent holder and its assignees as insureds for both coverages, and will add other third parties as endorsed.
As they analyzed our LRM numbers, they recognized the relationship to the drive-by hours for cardiac patients and they made the connection to actions they could take," Stowers says.
After five decades, LRM increasingly finds itself in the business of delivering health outcomes," Mellor says.
LRM is a joint venture of Envirokare Composites Corp.