LRMGLockless Rifle or Machine Gun
LRMGLockyer Resource Management Group (now Lockyer Catchment Coordinating Committee; Australia)
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A WAG spokeswoman said: "The LRMG was a three-year allocation ofpounds 15ma year for the sole purpose of bringing certain roads up to a specific standard.
The LRMG may have reduced the backlog on principal roads, but cold winters and wet summers and autumns have taken their toll since 2005.
RMG Kwinana red mud + 10% w/w gypsum ARMG Kwinana red mud + 10% w/w gypsum exposed to weather ~4 years LRMG Pinjarra red mud + 5% w/w gypsum with leaching to remove salts LRM Pinjarra red mud leached with dilute acid Table 2.