LRMPLand and Resource Management Plan (forestry industry)
LRMPLong-Range Maritime Patrol
LRMPLightweight Reliable Multicast Protocol
LRMPLong Range Maintenance Plan
LRMPLong-Range Master Plan
LRMPLegacy Resource Management Program
LRMPLaunch Platform Mission Planning
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The Indian Navy is currently operating older-generation LRMPs, Russian I1-38s and Tu-142s.
To date twenty-one plans covering 80% of the provincial land base have been completed (including the four CORE plans); four more plans, including the Lillooet LRMP, are in progress (BC MAL 2006).
Although the direction the agency had chosen (within the NFMA's substantive guidelines) had obviously been disclosed with the passage of each final LRMP, the Forest Service formally handed down Records of Decision (ROD) for each final EIS.
Each LRMP designates allowable management actions in particular areas within the management unit.
A key component of the LRMP process involved implementation of a province-wide Protected Areas Strategy.
According to the LRMP 1978/79 classification, the land use pattern in Nepal is divided into five physiographic zones.
CAPP, Amoco, Petro-Canada and Westcoast representatives each thanked the residents, community leaders, and members of the backcountry recreation, environmental and other industry representatives from mining, forestry and guiding and outfitting who worked tirelessly for the past four years to make the Northern Rockies LRMP a prime example of cooperation, community partnership and visionary thinking.
The paper by Albert, Gunton, and Day also reports the results of an assessment of implementation criteria based on a case study of one of the LRMP plans in B.
In order to examine differences in opinions among types of stakeholders in the LRMP processes, the 260 responses were categorized into two groups: Civil society stakeholders and other stakeholders.
21) Sierra Club claimed violations of both NEPA and NFMA, but limited its request for relief to two items: 1) a declaration under NFMA that the Plan was unlawful, and 2) an injunction prohibiting the Forest Service from permitting or directing further timber harvest pending revision of the LRMP.
This paper examines the degree to which shared decision making (SDM) principles, guidelines, and outcomes were realized in British Columbia's land and resource management plans (LRMPs) from the perspective of tourism respondents who participated in these LRMP processes.
Sierra Club, (469) the court reasoned that after an LRMP is adopted, a procedural injury exists if the injury is traceable to some action that will affect a plaintiffs interests.