LRMSLow Resolution Mass Spectrometry
LRMSLocal Resource Management System
LRMSLow Rate Messaging Service
LRMSLake Ridge Middle School
LRMSLow Resonance Multi-Roll Surround (speaker design)
LRMSLeesville Road Middle School (Raleigh, NC)
LRMSLong Range Missile System
LRMSLocation Referencing Management System (Transit New Zealand)
LRMSLaurel Ridge Middle School (Sherwood, OR)
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LRMS Estates Ltd is still active but has an outstanding judgment of PS902 against it.
Figure 2: Shows the time taken to report incidents via the anaesthetic eForm (directly received into the NRLS) and via LRMS (uploaded to the NRLS periodically via local systems) during the period 1 January to 31 March 2012.
Comparison of methods for dioxins analysis Method LOD (a) Advantage Screening/ Confirmation HRGC- ppt to ppq High Confirmation HRMS sensitivity HRGC- Low ppt Hiqh Screening LRMS throughput Cell based Low ppt low cost Screening bioassay to low ppb per assay Method Time HRGC- 15-55 hrs/sample prep HRMS 55 min/run/sample HRGC- 15-55 hrs/sample prep LRMS 50 min/run/sample Cell based 15-55 hrs/sample prep bioassay 17 hrs/assay (a) LOD, limit of detection Figure 1.
Lydia Vicente, founder and president of LRMS, also shared her pride and delight.
LRMS Basic Education principal Rosalie Hartmann, on the other hand, was thankful for the Inquirer's initiative to promote the love for reading.
Ingeo's electronic recording application, eRecord, is completely integrated with the county's current backend system, LRMS from TriMin Systems.
The LRMS, they said, would make it possible to provide accurate information about ownership, location and conditions of the PR property and land so that due course of action could be initiated for getting possession.
By web-enabling their LRMS, which is a turnkey solution for registering and recording abstract and torrens documents for county recorders, they will be able to set the stage for moving many of the other functions of government offices to an interconnected Web environment.
In order to stay competitive in our industry, we realized that a Web extension to our LRMS was a logical and necessary initial step to e-Recording.
The integration of Ingeo's Electronic Recording System into TriMin's existing LRMS applications will open the doors to electronic recording in those counties currently using TriMin's tools.
By combining LRMS with Ingeo's eRecord, we provide e-recording capabilities for our customers while still leveraging their existing software and hardware investments.
The LRMS will be used to aggregate subsequent event data on each incident, including booking, field interviews, property/evidence tracking, warrants and civil process data.