LROSLloyd's Register of Shipping (publication; maritime insurance; UK)
LROSLeicestershire Rutland Ornithological Society (birds; UK)
LROSLand Rovers of Switzerland (automobile club)
LROSLaser Remote Optical Sensing
LRoSLufia II: Rise of Sinistrals (gaming)
LROSLong-Range Optical System
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There have been critiques of the LRO by members of the ICANN community due to the fact that different panelists determine the LRO objections and there have been inconsistencies in the panel rulings as a result.
Bivins, Lessons From New TLDs Legal Objections: Dictionary-Word Brand LRO Won't Block TLDs, Bloomberg BNA (Oct.
LROs are now provided a consolidated list of education opportunities and logical training timeline to build depth and breadth of knowledge in the logistics career field.
These two formal courses are in addition to the three-phased LRO Orientation Program required for all first-assignment LROs to provide a foundation for their career in logistics.
A systems-thinking approach which unifies LROs sets conditions to build depth and breadth through career-long training, education, and experience.
A LRO is never a bad idea for a lessee, regardless of the terms of that option.
8) In order to determine the overall effectiveness of logistics in military operations and the performance of LROs, the author reviewed several lessons learned documented from recent operations.
These shortcomings are compounded by the heavy demands placed on LROs in the GWOT (constant deployments) which has shortened the Service's ability to make changes in logistics curriculum and training that will generate an immediate return on investment.
For example, do you feel that we effectively grow LROs to serve as Joint planners on COCOM staffs?
This short article addresses five keys to LRO success in a Joint environment.
Understanding concepts of maneuver warfare, rates of advance, and rates of consumption by unit size will make any LRO a more valuable commodity.
Make contact with the LRO you're replacing and find out what kind of things you can do prior to deploying (such as getting a Global Transportation Network account).