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LRPLoan Repayment Program
LRPLipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein
LRPLow Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein
LRPLinux Router Project
LRPLivestock Risk Protection
LRPLaparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
LRPLong-Range Patrol
LrpLeucine-responsive Regulatory Protein
LRPLow Density Lipoprotein Related Protein
LRPLead Replacement Petrol
LRPLive Role Play(ing)
LRPLazy Receiver Processing
LRPLow Rate Production
LRPLow Regulatory Priority
LRPLighting Research Program
LRPLong-Range Prediction (algorithm)
LRPLearning Resource Program
LRPLogiciel de Rédaction des Procédures (French: Software-Writing Procedures)
LRPLong-Rod Penetrator
LRPLoad and Roll Pallet (loading commercial containers)
LRPLower Riser Package
LRPLight-Based Regional Product (economics)
LRPLogistics Resupply Point
LRPLimited Response Package
LRPLabel Routing Protocol
LRPLaser Range Prediction
LRPLong-Range Plan/ning
LRPLeast Restrictive Placement
LRPLaunch Reference Point
LRPLeast Reliable Position
LRPLogistics Requirement Plan
LRPLess Reactive Phosphate
LRPLocal Restoral Plan
LRPLetter Proposal Retrofit
LRPLogistical Re-Supply Point
LRPLending and Realty Professionals
LRPLegally Recognized Partner (legal)
LRPLocal Research Plan (Canada)
LRPLaws, Regulations & Policies (various locations)
LRPLong Running Process (computing)
LRPLexmark Return Program (printers)
LRPLandesbank Rheinland Pfalz (German bank)
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To start phase two, the CPT organized three regional sites in the diocese to provide training sessions for presidents, principals, and school board members on developing an LRP.
Prior to joining LRP, Chase was President/CEO of the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.
LRP is a 110-kDa protein identified in a P-gp-negative MDR lung cancer cell line and functions as a major vault protein in humans (8).
Conclusion: Our preliminary results show that LRP is surgically feasible for clinically advanced prostate cancer with acceptable complication rates.
LRP will continue to focus on these and other core product lines, including dedicated Web sites for the education community and federal government managers; and national conferences providing professional development in the HR, education, workers' compensation and federal employment fields.
In one of the largest published LRP series addressing the subject of cost, Guillonneau and Vallancien found that LRP was actually cheaper than RRP at their institution in Paris, France.
Banks said that treatment with drug indomethacin prevented inflammation from turning off the LRP (exit pump).
Eugene Simonoff & Associates represented LRP in the transaction, the terms of which were not disclosed.
John Wiley & Sons (Hoboken, NJ) has acquired one bimonthly and 12 monthly newsletters from LRP Publications (Palm Beach Gardens, FL).
You take the LRP packets on missions where there's no resupply, or when you're traveling light and weight and volume matter.
The study looked at 247 men with clinically localized prostate cancer treated with either LRP (n = 197) or robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP) (n = 50) from March 2000-August 2006.
In a separate prospective analysis, the same researchers concluded that intermediate oncologic outcomes indicate LRP is a viable option for treating localized prostate cancer, and that worsening pathologic stage, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level, Gleason sum, and margin status negatively affect biochemical relapse-free survival.