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LRPLoan Repayment Program
LRPLipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein
LRPLow Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein
LRPLandesbank Rheinland Pfalz (German bank)
LRPLinux Router Project
LRPLexmark Return Program (printers)
LRPLivestock Risk Protection
LRPLong Range Proximity
LRPLenovo Registered Partner
LRPLateral Root Primordium
LRPLoyalty Reward Program (various companies)
LRPLaparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
LRPLong-Range Patrol
LRPLeucine-responsive Regulatory Protein
LRPLow Density Lipoprotein Related Protein
LRPLead Replacement Petrol
LRPLand Recycling Program (various locations)
LRPLivelihood Restoration Plan (various organizations)
LRPLiquid-Ring Pump
LRPLive Role Play(ing)
LRPLocal Resource Person (various organizations)
LRPLinear Rod Pump (various companies)
LRPLazy Receiver Processing
LRPLong Running Process (computing)
LRPLeicestershire Rural Partnership (UK)
LRPLump Rescreening Plant (iron ore Processing)
LRPLaboratory Research Products (South Carolina)
LRPLesbian Rights Project (now National Center for Lesbian Rights)
LRPLaw Review Project (South Africa)
LRPLow Rate Production
LRPLow Regulatory Priority
LRPLighting Research Program
LRPLong-Range Prediction (algorithm)
LRPLearning Resource Program
LRPLocal Research Plan (Canada)
LRPLaws, Regulations & Policies (various locations)
LRPLogiciel de Rédaction des Procédures (French: Software-Writing Procedures)
LRPLong-Rod Penetrator
LRPLaw Reform Program (various locations)
LRPLocal Regeneration Partnership (UK)
LRPLower Riser Package
LRPLoad and Roll Pallet (loading commercial containers)
LRPLight-Based Regional Product (economics)
LRPLogistics Resupply Point
LRPLimited Response Package
LRPLabel Routing Protocol
LRPLaser Range Prediction
LRPLong-Range Plan/ning
LRPLeast Restrictive Placement
LRPLeast Reliable Position
LRPLaunch Reference Point
LRPLogistics Requirement Plan
LRPLetter Proposal Retrofit
LRPLocal Restoral Plan
LRPLess Reactive Phosphate
LRPLogistical Re-Supply Point
LRPLending and Realty Professionals
LRPLegally Recognized Partner (legal)
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In both types of cancers, the investigators found that people whose tumors made LRP had not responded well to chemotherapy or survived as long as people whose tumors had no LRP.
In contrast, BSC systems and LRP systems manage integral inventory levels, i.
Given that males have limited ability to replace nutrients needed for ejaculate production as adults, and that the expected number of matings by males correlates with degree of polyandry, males in polyandrous species should be selected for increased LRP compared to males in monandrous species (Boggs 1981a).
In one of the largest published LRP series addressing the subject of cost, Guillonneau and Vallancien found that LRP was actually cheaper than RRP at their institution in Paris, France.
We discovered that this protein interacts with three components involved in AE- generation - LRP, APP and BACE1 - and appears to 'scaffold' them into a structure," he added.
The LRP successfully reduced disorientation, depression, and poor self-esteem of European Americans with Alzheimer's disease (Tabourne, 1995) and increased the psychological well-being of older non-Hispanic African Americans in the study by McKenzie (2004).
LRP Publications (Palm Beach Garden, FL) has begun the publication of "Public Employment Law on the Web," an online information service for practitioners, law firms, corporate counsel and other professionals involved in public-sector collective bargaining.
Naples, FL from LRP Publications (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), Pinnacle Publications (Syracuse, NY) from Lawrence Ragan Communications (Chicago, IL) and the assets of Buzz Publications (Roswell, GA).
It sold its real estate line in 2004 to the Vendome Group, its health care line also in 2004 to HCPro, and now its education list to LRP.
Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency evaluated LRP for fed cattle and feeder cattle pending suspension of sales about 7:30 p.