LRPDLittle Rock Police Department
LRPDLess Rain Police Department
LRPDLittle Red Plasma Dot (zIWeThey)
LRPDLocal and Regional Partnership Development (Romania)
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This makes it possible, even common, for LRPD detectives to conduct same-day Investigative follow-up calls.
In-car coding of calls frees up airtime for LRPD communications teams.
That afternoon we were able to get the LRPD missing person report, an official statement from the State Parks, an interview with Roger Glasgow, a digital photo of John Glasgow and a statement from CDI's CEO, William Clark.
I don't know whether that new policy applies to us or not, but if one of our officers catches someone and gets involved, whether it's $25 or less or whatever, they're going to be arrested," assured Terry Hastings, a spokesman for the LRPD.
Hastings said LRPD officers respond to Wal-Mart more than any other retailer in the city, and the department has not noticed any change in that pattern since the store's new policy went into effect.
Terry Hastings, the department's information officer, explained that the LRPD has recently begun participating in the FBI's National Incident-Based Reporting System for crime reporting.
The LRPD has notified local hospitals of the planned protest.