LRRLeucine - Rich Repeat
LRRLoading Ready Run (Internet TV shorts)
LRRLow Rolling Resistance
LRRLong-Range Radar
LRRLaunch Readiness Review
LRRLaser Retro-Reflector
LRRLiberty Rock Radio (Grand Theft Auto IV)
LRRLimited Reevaluation Report (USACE)
LRRLegally Responsible Relative
LRRLondon Rockin' Rollers (roller derby league; UK)
LRRLocal Recurrence Rate
LRRLightweight Rainfall Radiometer
LRRLiquidity Reserve Requirement
LRRLather, Rinse, Repeat
LRRLateral Retinacular Release
LRRLittle Red Ridinghood
LRRLow-Range Resolution
LRRLocalized Route Repair
LRRLaser Radiation Receiver
LRRLeak and Repair Reports
LRRLink Requires Registration
LRRLot Rejection Rate (product quality measurement)
LRRLegal Reserve Ratio
LRRLogistics Readiness/Requirements Review
LRRLong-Range Requirement
LRRLegal Recovery Resource (Georgia)
LRRLong Range Rifle
LRRLibrary Reading Room (various locations)
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Moreover, the expansion of Raiwind Road and initiation of development work on LRR is set to add value to the housing societies located in this part of the city.
2B and 3B) showed that BPNE dose-dependently induced spontaneous sleep with total loss of consciousness and LRR in similar patterns to the essential oil.
LGDPR and LRR are I(0) under ZA test and 1(1) under LS test, the rest of the variables are I(1).
Conspecific encounters and aggression were only observed along streams (MTH, LRR, pers.
Univariate analysis revealed that LRR was associated with age younger than 40 years, tumor size, positive nodes, higher-stage estrogen receptor--negative tumors, and use of systemic adjuvant therapy.
Recent studies have provided insights into the mechanisms through which uric acid crystals activate macrophages, in particular, the role of the NALP3 (NACHT, LRR and pyrin domain-containing protein) inflammasome.
Caterpillar recently introduced three mid-sized hydraulic excavators--the 320D L with standard swing radius, the 320D LRR with reduced swing radius and the 321D LCR with compact radius.
After primary RT, 5 patients developed LRR, 7 developed DM in a single site, 16 developed DM with or without LRR in 2 sites, and 7 developed DM in >2 sites.
others controlled by Agora were contributed in kind to LRR Sp.
I return to this point below, but interested readers may also consult Mann's notes in LRR (especially 108-111) and the analysis of Empson's Coleridge criticism in David Perkins, "The 'Ancient Mariner' and Its Interpreters: Some Versions of Coleridge," MLQ 57 0996): 425-48.
10) The labour redundancy rate, LRR, is derived by subtracting the estimate of L* from the total number of year-end employees and dividing the difference by the total number of year-end employees.
LRR replaced contemporaneous reserve requirements (CRR), which had been in place since 1984.