LRRLeucine - Rich Repeat
LRRLoading Ready Run (Internet TV shorts)
LRRLow Rolling Resistance
LRRLong-Range Radar
LRRLaunch Readiness Review
LRRLaser Retro-Reflector
LRRLiberty Rock Radio (Grand Theft Auto IV)
LRRLimited Reevaluation Report (USACE)
LRRLegally Responsible Relative
LRRLondon Rockin' Rollers (roller derby league; UK)
LRRLocal Recurrence Rate
LRRLightweight Rainfall Radiometer
LRRLiquidity Reserve Requirement
LRRLather, Rinse, Repeat
LRRLateral Retinacular Release
LRRLittle Red Ridinghood
LRRLow-Range Resolution
LRRLocalized Route Repair
LRRLaser Radiation Receiver
LRRLeak and Repair Reports
LRRLink Requires Registration
LRRLot Rejection Rate (product quality measurement)
LRRLegal Reserve Ratio
LRRLogistics Readiness/Requirements Review
LRRLong-Range Requirement
LRRLegal Recovery Resource (Georgia)
LRRLong Range Rifle
LRRLibrary Reading Room (various locations)
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Two out of the first four LRR tests were unsuccessful; the reloading of specimen #2 had a peak stress of 10.
The LRR will have two more components SL-3 and 4, which will complete the full loop.
Young age is a risk factor for LRR and death from BC.
With longer follow up LRC, LRR and toxicities may be interpreted more effectively.
An extensive literature has studied RE and LRR as distinct phenomena, but a joint approach does better at describing the macro data.
Martin MAF, Duarte DB, Ribeiro AF, Baraldi GS, Teixeira MCTV, Carreiro LRR.
oryzae in rice, encodes an LRR receptor kinase-like protein.
The order designating Macario as the new LRR commander was issued last March 21, the military said.
LRR Energy unitholders of record at the close of business on 28 August 2015, will be entitled to receive notice of the special meeting and to vote at the special meeting.
In the TLR group, 24 sequences contained the TIP domain, a transmembrane domain, and at least one LRR domain.
It was also found that protein sequence of LRR regions related to biotic stresses showed homology to other blast genes (Pib, Pi-kh, Pi-zt and Pi-9) located at different chromosomes.
LRR = Real Lending Rate (Average of the various categories lending rate)