LRRHLittle Red Riding Hood
LRRHLow-Renin Renal Hypertension
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LRRH believed him and she left very happy, thinking that she took the shortest path to arrive to her grandmother's.
The wolf arrived first to LRRH grandmother's home, and when he got in, he said to the grandmother:
The wolf put on the grandmother's pajama to make LRRH believe that he was her grandmother, and he got into bed.
Very well, LRRH was happy because she thought that her grandmother was waiting her.
After that, the wolf fell upon LRRH, and she saw that it was not her grandmother, it was the wolf disguised.
It was the intent of OGW to compromise the functionality of LRRH, but the potential negative impact by the nearby presence of an organized unit of fully-functional Wood Cutters (WC) caused him to redirect his action to the domicile of GU.
Though LRRH had blatantly violated the terms of the contract rider, LRRH continued to action the Task Order despite clear and compelling evidence that the integrity of the process had been disenfranchised by the OGW who, using Best Practices, arrived at the GU client site in a more efficient and expedient manner than LRRH.
LRRH, after fulfilling the Task Order by delivering cakes, butter and one dozen (12) strawberries, offered the following observations to the OGW: My what big ears you have.
This would have been efficiently accomplished but for the penetrative nature of the vocal chords of LRRH which resulted in the arrival of a WC within parameters of time sufficient to effect the affranchisement of LRRH and the demise of OGW.