LRRILovelace Respiratory Research Institute
LRRILabrador Retriever Rescue of Indiana, Inc. (dogs)
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The reorganization and strengthening of LRRI has been very successful, especially in view of the tight, highly competitive research funding environment in which it has occurred.
LRRI scientists work in a wide range of broad research disciplines, including:
LRRI is committed to improving public health by preventing, treating, and curing respiratory disease.
one of the more than 100 scientists working on respiratory disease research at LRRI.
As a result of data collected from this study, LRRI hopes to identify individuals who could be at risk of developing atherosclerosis, a chronic arterial inflammatory disease which may lead to heart attacks or stroke.
To reach our objective of more effectively integrating technology into our operations, we were faced with the options of either upgrading our existing data collection system, or alternatively acquiring a new comprehensive solution," comments Doug White, Chief Information Officer at LRRI.
Using the TRP[TM] solution, LRRI will now have the ability to plan entire programs or single studies managing all of the required resources according to specific skills and/or departmental workloads.
She and her colleagues are now collaborating with LRRI researchers to develop an animal model to test the observations that came out of that human epidemiology study.
President and CEO of LRRI stated, "The results we've seen to date with SinoFresh(TM) are very encouraging and gave us the confidence and enthusiasm to move forward with more rigorous in vitro studies that more closely mimic the human respiratory system.
Additionally, LRRI is assisting in the development of a protocol intended to study the virucidal efficacy of SinoFresh(TM) and CPC in vivo.
Our service laboratory capabilities provide us the flexibility to support important and diverse projects, such as this one with the LRRI.
LRRI, one of the nation's largest independent research institutions and the only one focused solely on respiratory health, is committed to eradicating respiratory diseases through research aimed at understanding their causes and biological mechanisms, eliminating exposures to causal agents and developing more effective treatments.