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LRRPLong-Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LRRPLand Reform and Resettlement Programme (Zimbabwe)
LRRPLong Range Recce Patrol (gaming clan; Belgium)
LRRPLatino Reproductive Rights Project
LRRPLaparoscopic Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy (urology)
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The LRRP Rule does not apply to individual homeowner renovations (LRRP, 2008).
No federal regulations, including the LRRP Rule, prohibit the sale of building rubble and salvage with lead-based paint to salvage yards, junk shops or antiques stores, or their reuse by consumers.
LRRP critics contend that HOME STAR and LRRP make similar demands on many of the same contractors and affect the same housing stock, so contractors cannot comply with both at once.
While calling HOME STAR "an effective approach" toward improving energy efficiency, the additional requirements risk "derailing compliance with the LRRP" or complying with LRRP at the expense of HOME STAR.
Rottman is a retired master sergeant with active Special Forces, National Guard airborne infantry and LRRP, and Army Reserve Military Intelligence experience.
The group will challenge EPA's action on the grounds that the agency substantially amended its LRRP regulation without any new scientific data and before the regulation was even put into place on April 22, 2010.
Beginning April 22, owners of homes constructed before 1978 will need to ask their remodeler if they are an "EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm" because only certified firms will be able to work legally in those homes after the LRRP rule goes into effect, Shirey added.