LRSDLittle Rock School District (Arkansas)
LRSDLong Range Surveillance Detachment
LRSDLouis Riel School Division (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
LRSDLivingstone Range School Division (Canada)
LRSDLast Regiment of Syncopated Drummers (Portland, OR)
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The questions and their answers are best processed with a general understanding of LRSD.
The network will help LRSD in our commitment to eliminate the achievement gap and boost performance with a cost-effective delivery of learning applications to students across our district, noted John Ruffins, Director of Technology for LRSD.
Teachers and administrators from the LRSD who participated in the Head Start Enhanced Services program were asked to respond to 12 fixed response questions about their involvement, communication, benefits of the collaboration, Head Start Enhanced Services staff, and three open-ended questions asking about the greatest benefits and recommendations for improvement.
at 27 (indicating that nearly fifty percent of the city's white children do not enroll in LRSD schools).
Additionally, Biehn said easy end-user customization and portalization of information was also important to the LRSD, as was the solution's Web-based client.
But it may be the best thing that's happened to the LRSD in a long, long time.
Bailey joined the LRSD staff as CFO five years ago after serving as director of financial services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
The talent simply hasn't shown up to play in the LRSD in recent seasons.
Drake Hawkins, a Central High parent, had pushed Johnny Johnson, the LRSD athletic director, for improvements to Quigley Stadium, Johnson said, and artificial turf seemed the best first step.
Ripley worked his way up from youth basketball with Good Counsel and Garland schools to the LRSD as a junior high coach, winning city championships with the first two of Houston Nutt Sr.
The 2004-05 school year was a time of change for the LRSD, changes that were carefully planned and executed with one central goal in mind: student achievement.
Most mechanized divisions do not have LRSDs; therefore (before the BRT) the battle hand-over distance between corps LRSDs and battalion scouts was immense (Figure 4).