LRSSLittle Rock Scripture Study (Arkansas)
LRSSLottery Random System Selection
LRSSLong-Range Survey System
LRSSLittoral and Riverine Survey Squadron (Australia)
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The battalions enter data into LRSS," Hoversholm said.
The intent of LRSS is to help synchronize and maximize resources at the national and local levels.
6) have used the new strain gauge technology to estimate residual stresses; their approach has been to use the traditional LRSS Method for preparation of samples, but substituting direct strain measurement for indirect strain calculations from measured curvatures.
In order to assess how accurate this method is, the distributions obtained from the above method were compared with those achieved by the LRSS Method (7).
The LRSS acts as a "smart node" in the overall Canadian Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance enterprise.
Raytheon has teamed with SRI Sarnoff on the integration of the LRSS for the Canadian Army to provide enhanced 3-D immersive situational awareness and Command, Control, Communication and Computers (C4) ISR.
LRSS UP will acquire a system that produces digital information that can be fed into various Canadian Armed Forces networks.
For registration information contact: LRSS at 2500 North Tyler Street, Little Rock, AR 72207; phone (501) 664-6102; e-mail: lrss@dolr.