LRSULong Range Shooters of Utah
LRSULondon Road Safety Unit (UK)
LRSULong-Range Surveillance Unit
LRSULocal Remote Switching Unit
LRSULong Range Sensor Unit
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Attaching a small deployable intelligence support element (DISE), HCT, or MFT to the LRSU will help with the legal issue of saying "source" and allow the intelligence to be written in the correct formats.
If any authorization did come in for neighboring areas, the LRSU is doctrinally allowed 100 kilometers into "enemy" or in this case nonpermissive territory.
A LRSU is doctrinally allowed to conduct "emergency assaults.
Other units should be used for that mission, freeing the LRSU to gather intelligence for more targets.
Over the last two years of operations, this issue has been substantiated in the need for LRSUs to have their own vehicle platforms for internal quick reaction forces (QRF), self insertion or extraction, mobile and flexible command and control, and service and support operations.
The need for increased direct fire capabilities has been proven, as some LRSUs were out-ranged and out-gunned while in contact in Iraq.