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LRTILower Respiratory Tract Infections
LRTILower Respiratory Tract Illness
LRTILigament Reconstruction Tendon Interposition
LRTILegal Research and Training Institute (est. 1949; Ministry of Justice; South Korea)
LRTILong Range Thermal Imaging
LRTILodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index (Purdue University; Indiana)
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The subsequent inflammation causes increased mucous production and oedema of the airways and is responsible for many of the clinical features of LRTI in infants.
Material and Method: A total of 160 children who were diagnosed with LRTI between October 2009 and March 2010 were included into the study.
Occurrence of LRTI was defined as an affirmative answer to the question "Has a doctor told you that your son/daughter has had a chest infection?
11) For Inuit children of Baffin Island <6 months of age, LRTIs are the primary cause for hospital admission, medical evacuation, and overall health-related expenditures.
immediately after completing their LRTI training, without an opportunity
2009, a total of 240 hospitalized children aged 1 month-14 years with LRTI were evaluated retrospectively in the Izmir Tepecik Teaching and Research Hospital, Department of Pediatrics.
ED protocol calls for an admitted patient with suspected pneumonia, LRTI, or sepsis, to have three PCT tests performed in the first 12 hours.
Asked for the incidence of LRTI in Saudi Arabia, Khattab said although the incidence was not high compared to many other countries, the Kingdom remained vulnerable to such problems due to the periodic overcrowding caused by Haj and Umrah pilgrims who come from all over the world.
In general, the association of parenteral and enteral antimicrobials was superior to only enteral antimicrobials in reducing oropharyngeal carriage, rectal carriage, overall infections, LRTI and BSI due to Gram-negative bacteria.
The mortality rates in BSI and LRTI were higher than the mortality rates in SSSSI, Cher SSI, UTI, and this was statistically significant (p<0.
Justice Kitagawa indicates the possibility that the American law clerk system might have had some influence upon the initial plan to establish "chosakan" because, in the first draft, "chosakan" would have been appointed either from court clerks and those eligible as clerks or from those who passed the National Bar Examination (7) but have not been to the LRTI and are therefore not properly qualified as lawyers.
A new prospective cohort study of the link between these types of infections and arsenic exposure revealed a dose-dependent increase in LRTI and diarrhea in relation to maternal arsenic exposure [EHP 119(5):719-724; Rahman et al.