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LRVLight-Rail Vehicle
LRVLunar Roving Vehicle
LRVLight Reconnaissance Vehicle (gaming)
LRVLog Reduction Value (filtration)
LRVLog Removal Value (US EPA)
LRVLower Range Value
LRVLenticular Reentry Vehicle
LRVLoisirs Rixheim Vélos (French cycling club; Rixheim, France)
LRVLowest Relative Value
LRVLeaf Roll Virus
LRVLight Reflectivity Value
LRVLight Recovery Vehicle
LRVLiquid Reactor Vessel
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The LRV will have a day and night move and shoot capability in all weather and visibility conditions and in complex terrain, while defeating second tier armour threats.
Siemens also will supply a fleet of 19 Avenio low-floor LRVs (light rail vehicles), which will be equipped with the Sitras HES system for catenary-free (the removal of the overhead line equipment and the pantograph from the tram system) operation.
After a short period of modeling it was recognized that some of the standardized functions and subroutines cannot be used for the simulation of the assembly of LRV.
Having isolated the firm-specific misvaluation from the other components of market valuation, such as industry-wide mispricing and fundamental growth prospects, we then define three new external finance weighted average measures based on three components of the market-to-book ratios, namely, 1) FSE, 2) TSE, and 3) LRV.
LRV supporters work with local healthcare facilities to coordinate venues for students and lab professionals to interact.
We flew 43, 40, and 43 sample units in the MRV and 27, 28, and 25 sample units in the LRV in 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively.
Known as 3rd LRV, the name was changed to Third Lanark when links with the military were severed.
Though vehicles like the Nissan Axxess, Mitsubishi Expo LRV and the original Honda Odyssey Fit the MAV mold, they were ahead of the curve.
Only six clubs won between 1887 and 1892 - Hibs, Renton, 3rd LRV, Queen's Park, Hearts and Celtic.
Skelton has worked with Axion on the Calgary LRV system since 2009 when their first order of 60 ties were installed and tested in Calgary's train system.
The deal would include the supply and maintenance of 90 LRV cars with an option for 30 more.